How to Marry In Dragonborn Knight

In this brief guide, you will get to know how to get married in the Dragonball Knight game.

The first thing you will need to do is to go to the priest NPC at daybreak. Open the daybreak map, tap “priest” and then click on find. 

You will auto move the NPC. You need 500 affinity points to get married.

Here you can see the points you have towards your friends. 

Once you have someone who agrees to get married to you, then start sending flowers to each other, till affinity points reach 500 or more.

500 affinities are accumulative amounts of flowers sent by the couple to each other. 

Here’s how to send flowers. 

Make sure you tap the correct person. 

999 flowers box = 100 affinity points, you need to spend diamonds to get the one. 

99 flowers = 10 affinity points. 

9 flowers = one affinity point. 

If you are F2P, it will take about one week to collect the flowers. You can get them from pet work. 

Online reward, daily achievement, and others. You can have a cheap wedding just using the coins. 

All set, now you have to purpose!

It is recommended to marry a fellow guild member. 

Important: you and your spouse must be in the same party to begin the wedding. 

You can set your wedding party now or choose any other convenient time. You have the option to invite your guild members and friends. 

You can speed up the wedding process by tapping this icon. 

Start the wedding reception immediately.

And get the marriage certificate. 

Once you are a husband and wife, these are the perks you can enjoy, such as cool costumes and weapon skin. Be sure to check them daily. 

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