Mini Militia Top 5 Pro Tips and Tricks to Win Every Match

In this guide, you will learn different tricks and tips to win every match in a Mini Militia game. Go through the guide and follow all the tips and tricks to win every match.

  • The first tip is that you should throw a grenade on an enemy and then quickly rush on to him. This will help to kill the enemy who’s in the cover and will also don’t let him run.

  • The next trick is that you must remember the spawn locations of guns in each of the maps. You can get the powerful gun at the starting of the game if you know the exact location.

  • You must make your way forward by predicting the next possible move of the enemy. Follow this trick to get maximum kills.

  • The next tip is that you should use the covers as much as you can. You will get protected from the attacks of enemies and can also target them easily.

  • It is recommended to crouch more while playing the match. When crouching, you will take less damage as compared to the standing position.

  • You must make the weapons combination according to the map that you are going to play. One long range and one short range weapon will be the best choice.

  • You have to always use the melee button to counter the enemies quickly. This will turn out to be a surprise attack for them. This will also help to increase your agility.

  • The next tip is that you must use your ammo wisely. Wait for the movement of the enemy and then fire in his next predicted location.

  • It is recommended to use grenades to kill the enemies. You can throw a grenade on one enemy and rush on the other to kill. You can get maximum kills this way. Also make use of time bombs and smoke bombs.

  • The headshot deals the maximum amount of damage, so you must try to get as many headshots as you can.

  • The next tip is that you must follow the red arrow sign that indicates the location of enemies. Always fire in the direction of this red arrow.

  • You must know the abilities and utility of every gun. So you can use them perfectly to counter the enemies.

  • The next tip is that you should know the location of the health kit in every map. This will help to restore health quickly after taking damage from the enemies.

  • Self confidence really matters in this game. Never underestimate yourself while fighting with the enemies, always try to counter them with full confidence.



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