Moonlight Sculptor Classes Guide 

This brief guide is all about classes in the Moonlight sculptor game. It will provide you with a simple way to pick the right class. 

This game is grindy. It is better to pick a ranged class, but it’s up to you. 

Warrior is an offensive tanker that means they can tank and deal damages. 

They can also pull aggro so they can protect your ranged damage or support. 

A very solid class for solo players aka kirito wannabe. Melee with a sword. 

Mage is a ranged class that specializes in AoE attacks and also Crowd Control. If you want to spam skill without a brain, then this is the class for you. They have a burn effect for DoT and also some crowd control against enemies. 

They are better in team fights where your enemies will stick in place.  

Archer is the best single target attacker. And also can buff our pets. 

Yes, this game has a pet system and can help you in a fight to deal damages. They are a perfect class for PVP due to their high single target damages. They can perform well in PvE as long as you don’t mob, unlike those mages. 

Paladin is also another good solo class because they can heal as well. Tanky, good damage, and can heal. They are a good class in any situation.  

So it is not a surprise if there will be many paladin in PVP due to their survivability.  

A lady with an armour shield is a reliable person. 

Alchemist is an interesting class. They are almost like mages, but they rely more on damage over time and not burst.

Unlike mage, their burn effect has a chance to occur. But alchemist’s acid doesn’t. Definitely a worth trying class besides the other four classes. 

So ranked classes are better. We don’t need to travel to deal damages and defeat the enemies. 

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