New Brawler Colette Tips in Brawl Stars

This guide will provide you with the details, tips, and tricks for Colette in Brawl stars

Follow the simple guide to learn about all the main attacks and the game mode to play with Colette.  

The maximum health of Colette is about 4480, and her main attack will last about two-third of the second, which is very fast, and it shoots a heart shaped shot in a straight line which has a range of almost nine tiles; her reload speed is about two or three seconds.  

When you attack the enemy, it will damage almost 35 percent of their current health with a single shot, which is very useful. When your opponent is on full health, you can give them a lot of damage even if you shoot from long range or short range.   

It is very hard to kill a brawler with your normal attack, and if your opponent brawler has only ten health, you can give him only 35 percent of the damage, which is 3.5. It is not effective to kill a brawl, and if any brawler has full health, which is 10000, you can give him 35 percent of the damage, which is 3500 in a single shot, and it is very effective in the game.  

Now you will have a very high amount of value by attacking high health brawlers who are close to full health. And who has very little value from attacking people who are already heavily damaged because it gives almost the same damage as a bee as it gives the single projectile at far or close range. It also gives the same amount of damage. 

A normal shot for a bee is about 1120 damage from a single shot, and when you hit with the charge shot, it will give 3080 damage. You can give 1500 to 2000 damage from Colette, and if you need that amount of damage, you have to hit the brawler, which has more than 4286 hit points. When you hit a brawler with 3000 to 4000 health, it will damage like sandy, and if you hit a brawler with less than 3000 health, then your damage is equal to the Poco, which is not very effective.  

The super range of Colette is longer than a normal attack which is about ten tiles, and the super latest for a half-second, and then she goes forward to ten tiles. Then she gets back to the point where she started, which means she travels 20 tiles in one and half second, which is too fast, and if you try to aim, then it’s not easy to hit her because of the speed when she is in the super. You have to hit those who have the higher amount of health to play with Colette.  

When she hits another brawler, then the damage is based on the max health of the brawler. When you are dealing in fixed twenty percent of the other brawler’s maximum health, it can kill the brawler because it is based on the max health, not the current health of the brawler. If you use four normal attacks to any brawler, they will go 20 on their maximum health. 

If you subtract 35 percent, they are going to leave about 18 percent of their maximum health, which means when you hit them with your super, you can finish them and win the game.  

When Colette damages the brawler with a deficient health, then it may not be effective, and if she uses her super, she can give a lot of damage because their current health doesn’t matter. You have to use the four attacks, and then the super can kill any of the brawlers in the game even if they have 3000 health or 10000. When you hit them two times with your super, it will kill the brawler as well, so if you have three ammo and you can shoot three attacks, you will be able to brust down any brawler and kill them in the game. 

And if you are unable to do so, you have to hit them two times with your main attack and hit them two times with your super, which only left them with the 2 percent of the health. 

If you are using Colette in the solo showdown, then it may not be very helpful because when you have only her, she will not be able to kill anyone with your main attack, which means you have to depend on the super all the time. If you miss the shot with super, you will not be able to kill them until it is fully charged again, so it is very hard to push the trophies in the solo showdown.  

She is very helpful and good in other modes. In high-level trophies, as you know that playing with Colette in solo 1vs1 is not an option, so you cannot use the laining strategies while playing with Colette. 

The best way to play with Colette is when the game starts, then you have to hit all the bawlers with the Colette because of the damage she gave, and the other teammates will finish them off.   

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