Super Mario Run Beginners Guide for Mobile

Super Mario is still making waves even after 31 years (Super Mario Bros.) of its first official release. Now, Nintendo makes its mascot available on iOS for the first time.

Introducing, Super Mario Run. It is an infinite running game coupled with familiar [ ? ] boxes, bricks with secrets, enemies, and of course, Bowser himself. It is going to be an enjoyable game both for adults and kids alike.

The game is free for the first three levels but there is a one-time charge of $9.99 for you to unlock everything. It is going to be available worldwide today, December 15, 2016, to iOS users.

In this Super Mario Run Beginners Guide, we will teach you the basics you need to know before you Tap to Begin.

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Super Mario Run Guide: Controls

Mr. Miyamoto introduces Super Mario Run!

Nope, you won’t be needing any controllers or two hands to play Super Mario Run. Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto himself shows us that the game can be played with one hand.

Playing it with just one hand and tapping action, doesn’t mean it is going to be really easy gameplay. Well, since you played the game ever since you were a child (or maybe you are a newbie Super Mario player?) Nintendo is still going to give us some challenges.

We will show you the controls below.


You can make Mario jump by tapping. The longer the tap, the higher the jump is going to be. Sometimes, you don’t need to tap as Mario can take care of himself on short gaps and small obstacles like those Goombas!

Wall Jump

Aside from your typical Jump, Mario can also do a Wall Jump. You can achieve this by having Mario jump onto a wall. You can tap again to do another jump in a reversed direction. You can use the Wall Jump to reach high places or to go back to an area.


When on Slide, Mario will be on his “behind” sliding and will automatically kill foes, giving you extra coins and probably a combo. A Slide can sometimes help you reach higher areas because of the extra speed you’ll get.

Super Mario Run: Power-Ups

Power-Ups are certainly not new on Super Mario, but on Super Mario Run you can expect more.

They created new power-ups just for Super Mario Run and you’ll need to get to know more about it before you head on out and run like the wind.

Arrow Blocks

These Arrow Blocks will help you reverse your jump. Sometimes, you need to time it correctly to avoid foes and continue running.


You can get these Bubbles from [? ] boxes. It will make Mario float backward and will let you redo an area. You now have a sense of familiarization with which route to go for more coins or when to jump over a hole.

Pause Blocks

These blocks are there for Mario to have a little break. It can either be there because of an enemy ahead or let you chill and have a moment to decide which route to take.

Super Mushrooms

Just like the classic Super Mario Games, those Super Mushrooms are there to make him bigger.


As usual, the Star will make Mario invincible. It can also magnet the coins toward your pockets!

Super Mario Run

Those are the basics you need to know before you download and play Super Mario Run. It is surely going to be one helluva infinite runner. I guess it is safe to say that we’re going to “RUN” down memory lane while playing this.

If you already played the demo on any Apple Store, feel free to share what you think of the game in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading our Super Mario Run Guide for iOS!

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