Terrorbyte Tutorial & Money Guide – GTA Online

This guide will provide you with the best way to make money with the Terabyte as well along with some tips and tricks.

Before you buy a terabyte, you need to have a nightclub to store the terabyte. You can go to the maze bank and click on Nightclubs in the top right corner where different nightclub locations are available. You can buy anyone you wish.

You can buy terabytes on www.warstock-cashe-and-carry.com and customize it.

First, you will need to place your terabyte in a proper location if you’re doing client jobs.

It is the best location on the map right there.

The reason for this location is that it’s right across from where you would launch and do diamond shopping and targeted data jobs.

Those two client jobs are only accessible if you have the drone station at this particular location.

It is the place on the map where have to get as close as you can but if you go further close from this, the game will tell you that you can’t start your job because you are too close to the location.

And this location also lets you do diamond shopping in about two minutes total from start to finish.

Now take a look around inside the terabyte and it will give you an idea of what everything is in here. You have to get everything maxed out and purchased.

So this right here is going to be your drone station and again you need to have the drone station to launch the two missions that are the most important for the client jobs which are the diamond shopping and targeted data.

In addition, your other station is going to be your turret or your missile battery and you can lock onto five separate targets.

You also have a closet to access your clothing and a weapons workshop where you can modify and upgrade your weapons to the mark II variant etc.

The specialized vehicle workshop is recommended, it is where you can modify and upgrade your Mark II to add the missiles on it.

The most important is going to be your workstation where you can launch the source mission’s special cargo CEO crates.

The terabyte is a great new addition to the crate grind because it allows you to launch and source the crate missions directly from your terabyte. You can just park your terabyte anywhere you want in between two warehouses or outside of one. It will eliminate the purpose and the need to go back to your CEO’s office to launch a source crate mission. Now you can just easily do it from your terabyte.

Also, you got the air freight cargo and the gun-running supplies, you can do all source missions but they’re not as efficient as the special cargo is.

You can run client jobs which is the best way to make money from the terabyte.

Your client jobs can be done in invite-only lobbies or all solo.

And if you’re pretty far away from your mark II, then you have to go to your interaction menu and request your personal vehicle. Walk right into the terabyte and it spawns it immediately inside the terabyte, there is also the mark II that only has 20 rockets. By parking it inside, the terabyte will replenish your rockets if you’ve run out of rockets.

Another really cool feature is the terabyte has a character scanner. You can scan people’s characters and find out personal information and can even scan people that are inside a vehicle.

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