The Best Weapons to Use – Roblox Bedwars & King’s Legacy

Roblox Bedwars pits players against one another, competing to destroy their beds so the other team can’t spawn from their base. Similarly, King’s Legacy pits players against one another for one to emerge triumphant. The choice of weapon plays a crucial role in deciding victory or defeat. This guide ranks the best weapons available in the game and where players can get them.

Bed Wars Weapons

Luger Pistol

The iconic Luger Pistol is at number 10. It can be bought from the Avatar Shop for 700 Robux. Modeled after the WW2 iconic German pistol, it’s an old-school relic that allows players to reap multiple benefits.

For example, shooting an opponent in the leg with this pistol will deal significant damage as well as reduce their running speed drastically. For players who have to deal with pesky and fast opponents, this WW2 relic is sure to slow them down.

XLS Mark II Pulse Laser Pistol

This science-fiction-inspired gun can also be bought from the Avatar Shop for 650 Robux. The XLS Mark II Pulse Laser Pistol sports a lengthy name and dons the appearance of a weapon used by futuristic cartoonish humans. It looks like something Marvin the Martian would use.

Do not be fooled by its unusually large name. It blasts a pulse and disintegrates enemies, unfortunate enough to be one receiving end of it. The mechanic of using this gun is fun and looks like something out of a science-fiction movie. Equip this weapon to dazzle and annihilate your enemies simultaneously.

Marshmallow Shooter

The Marshmallow Shooter does exactly what it promises. It shoots marshmallows. Undoubtedly, this gun has limited combat effectiveness because it shoots Marshmallows, not bullets. Nevertheless, players can use it to shoot toasty treats at their team members.

This long-barreled shooter goes for a reasonable 400 Robux and can be picked up from the Avatar Shop. Shooting marshmallows at your friends and opponents just became effortless. The damage it deals with is low, but the visual animation of being hit by a marshmallow and sustaining damage is priceless.

Historic Timmy Gun

The Historic ‘Timmy’ Gun is automatic and is priced at 1000 Robux at the Avatar Shop. Modelled after the iconic Thompson “Tommy” sub-machinegun used by gangsters in the 1940s and 1930s, players will feel like Al Capone while wielding this impressive gun.

The Timmy Gun is known for its compactness, reliability, ergonomics, and exceptionally high volume of automatic fire. Soldiers, civilians, and criminals favour it due to these qualities. The price tag is steep, but seeing the Timmy gun in action will make every Robux worth the high price.

Red Hyper Laser Gun

Another laser weapon, the Red Hyper Laser Gun, is as deadly as its generic. This gun’s description states that the Red laser is the fastest colour laser, and it’s a fact. Seeing it in action, that’s probably true. It’s very effective, and the Red Laser will One-Shot enemies with a single shot.

It’s truly an overpowered weapon and is available from the Avatar Shop. Priced at 650 Robux, it’s not a bad weapon to get if you’re looking to end things quickly and with minimal fuss. Clean, effective, and Red. What more can a player ask for?

King’s Legacy Weapons

Hell Sword

A Second Sea weapon, the Hell Sword, is an excellent choice for PvP mode (Player vs. Player). The Hell Sword deals extensive damage over a decent range, and its AOE(Area of Effect) is bigger than other swords. It sports a purple appearance and costs 150 Robux. Additionally, it can be obtained by defeating the raid boss, King’s Samurai.

This powerful sword has two main moves. The Z key move, the Inferno Cut, requires 500 mastery and deals 7,765 base damage. The X Key move is called Slash of Hell, and it requires 1,000 mastery and deals 11,650 base damage. The Slash of Hell can easily break Ken Haiki, used by opponents in King’s Legacy. Lastly, the Hell Sword stands out for its stun damage, bigger AoE, and ideal weapon for raids.

True Triple Katana

Forget about wielding two blades, the next weapon equips your character with three swords. That’s right; the character wields the first two swords with his arms while the third is equipped in his/her mouth. The True Triple Katana is known for its various nicknames, such as TTK, 3SS, and Santouryuu.

The TTK is purchasable from Rocks Island for 8,000,000 Beli. The sword has two unique skills. The Z-key ability is called Triple Slash, whereas the X-key ability is called the 3SS Tempest. Both of these moves are highly powerful and effective. The base swing with the TTK deals 4,801 damage with Haki and 3,210 damage without Haki.

Mom Blade

A rare sword, the Mom Blade was originally used by Emperor Big Mom/Napolean in the popular anime/manga series. It’s a popular weapon among players and can be obtained after defeating the raid boss, Monster. There’s a 15% chance that the raid boss will drop it after being defeated, meaning players might have to defeat him multiple times to acquire this powerful sword.

The Mom Blade has two epic and impressive moves. The Z-key move is called the Huge Blade, wherein the blade grows astronomically large and smashes down, creating a crater and a shock wave, and requires 100 mastery. The X-Key ability is called the Inferno Roar, wherein the player releases a bolt of fire that smashes the ground, creating a crater, and requires 300 mastery.


Another anime reference, the Saber, is a powerful sword with a long blade, green handle, and hand guard. Resembling a fencing sword, this powerful sword deals devastating damage to those unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of it. The Saber can be obtained by defeating the Expert Swordsman in the Stone Arena. Similarly to other swords on this list, this overpowered sword has two unique abilities.

The Z-key ability is called the Dragon’s Roar, which ejects a projectile resembling a Dragon’s head which smashes into the ground. This ability requires 100 mastery. The X-Key ability is called the Holy Sword, that a gigantic, red sword appears in the sky and strikes down to the ground, leaving a crater and dealing massive damage. This ability requires 300 mastery.

Night Blade (Yuro)

The most famous and powerful sword in King’s Legacy, The Night Blade, is the only sword in the game that can be obtained from the Game Pass for 1000 Robux. Ironically, it is also the easiest sword to obtain, as no combat or gems are required to obtain this sword. It dons a green and black palette and is extremely powerful and dangerous. The base swing of this sword deals 4,656 damage with Busoshoku Haki and 4,251 damage without it.

The Night Blade or Yuro has two overpowered abilities. The Z-key Ability is called the Speed Slash, requiring 50 mastery but creating 45 deadly slashes. The X-Key ability is called the Omega Slash and requires 250 mastery. The Omega Slash creates a large, green energy slash that deals damage of 9,990 to enemies.

That’s all from this guide. Remember to store up your Robux to get access to these overpowered weapons.