The Shock Rifle is VERY Impressive in Halo Infinite

This guide will find what the Shock Rifle brings into the Halo Infinite game. 

It takes a single headshot with the shock rifle to kill a spartan. You must, however, hit them with the full 3 round burst.

It will take an average of three shots, though, if you do not land a single headshot.

Since it’s of banished origin, this weapon also gets extra damage on its melee. Even so, it does, has one of the slowest melee speeds in the entire game.

It’s a shock weapon, lightning will chain to enemies close the target shot cause similar damage, and it makes this gun very useful for crowd control.

The target shot can even be weapons and equipment on the floor. It can work wonders defending objectives where people have died and dropped items.

Here’s a threat sensor example.

It is the three-shot burst the gun has. You must keep the reticle where you intend to hit; you must adapt this for moving targets.

You can also EMP vehicles with the weapon; this takes two shots.

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