Things that Spintires did better than Snowrunner

In this guide, you will find 12 different things that Spintires did better than Snowrunner. 

Table of Contents

    Night Time:

    The Nights are very dark, but there is a bright aurora in cold regions. Glowing flowers at Night, the night time looks very beautiful in spintires.

    Better sounds.

    There are better Mud sound, Non Existing Mud Sound and Muddy & Squishy sound.

    Such sounds are negligible, some sound is there but it’s not squishy or muddy. The tree/wood break sound, missing tree break sound. Wooden sticks, etc are also absent in snowrunner roads. The plants snapping sound is not as good as spintires.

    Authentic Trucks.

    Authentic soviet Trucks.

    Spintires has original truck models like this MAZ 535. Snowrunner uses modified trucks to avoid copyright.

    Zikz 605R-MAZ 535

    Original:MAZ 500

    Modified: ZikZ5368

    Original: Ural 4320

    Modernized: Voron AE 4380

    Cargo Loading.

    Spintires uses the same loading system for all 3 cargo types.

    Logs can split into 4 pieces, pipes get split into 3, and the rice bags split into 4. This crane is not suitable for such cargo but it works.

    The Snowrunner loading system is a mix of old & new methods.

    Logs use the old split and pack method, and the rest of the cargo uses a new system.

    In the new loading system, the cargo comes pre packed.

    This crane would’ve been suitable with old split cargo.

    Amphibious Vehicles

    working amphibious vehicles.

    Sherp 4×4 ATV

    Unique steering method.

    Sherp 10×10 Ark

    And this one also works. Snowrunner has some vehicles which are amphibious in real life.

    Tatarin just sank in water. 

    There are some real life vehicles in the water.

    Yar Did float but that’s it.

    Here is a real life Trecol in water. 

    Khan also floats but the engine dies.

    UAZ trekol in real life.

    More Winch Functions.

    Winch has many functions, you can steer left/right toggle engine/pull mode. Snowrunner winch has only engine/pull mode.

    Tire Pressure.

    There is an Adjustable Tire Pressure, you can deflate the tires to get better traction.

    It would be helpful if we get such a feature in SR. While some tires are too inflated.

    Mud Physics.

    Spintires mud physics is most hardcore in series. Snowrunner mud physics is the easiest in the whole series.

    Radioactive Map.

    Chernobyl Map

    Radioactive sections that can damage the engine. This section does have sound but it can’t damage your truck.

    Photo Mode

    Free cam as Photomode.

    You can move the camera freely & take a screenshot. SR also has free cam but it’s hidden in dev tools.

    Modded Maps.

    In ST, you can play any mod map at any time.

    You can play any number of mod maps this way. Also, you have to play from level 1 with locked upgrades. SR has a limited number of save slots for mod maps.

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