Town of Salem: All Roles

There are three role alignments in this game: the first one is the Town Roles and the second most powerful alignment is Mafia roles. The town roles work all together as a team, and mafia roles all work together as a team. The third alignment is of neutral roles: these don’t work collectively, and all these roles are there for their individual self. The neutral roles are just there to make their own-self win. They can work together with one another, but usually, they don’t. Vampires are also included in the neutral category. In short, all neutral roles are there to help themselves. Here is a brief introduction of all the roles and what they are capable of:

Town Roles

At the start of the game the town roles don’t know each other, and their job is to find the evil roles – any of the mafia roles that they have to kill in order to win – and any of the neutral roles that are killing-roles such as arsonist, the serial killer, the werewolf, and the vampire. They necessarily don’t have to kill the survivor.


Bodyguard has a town protective role; at times people get worried about town security, and thus, these bodyguards are there to protect. If you are playing the bodyguard role, you will be able to kill an enemy if it attacks somebody. I consider this role a town role with killing power, and I put a bodyguard above the doctor role in terms of importance.


The next character is a doctor and his most important function is that he can heal you. Another interesting thing is that if you are playing the role of the doctor, you will know that if somewhere any target is attacked, and it might be very helpful in later stages of the game when you try to learn who mafia is and who isn’t.


The escort is a town support role; the town support role is basically a kind of assist to town-roles’ ability to find people or to stop mafia and other evil groups from doing bad things. So, the escort’s actions block the target at night. For instance, if she is escorting a bodyguard and bodyguard isn’t able to defend somebody at night, she can be helpful. But, you have to focus, when you play the role of escort, on finding who you think are the evil people, and try to stop mafia from killing by distracting them.


The investigator is exactly what it sounds like; it investigates one person each day for a clue.


Jailor is one of the strongest roles in the game. If you have a jailor role, you choose one person during the day and you can send them to jail at night; it’s very important to pick a person during the day because otherwise, you won’t be able to jail them at night. You can talk to your prisoner and you can kill him at night if you want. Jailing somebody can be really important sometimes: for instance, if you jail the mafia’s godfather at night, the mafia group won’t be able to kill.


The lookout is another town investigator role. This role picks one person every night and checks whether he visits somebody. That’s very useful if you find somebody who is trying to kill another role. The lookout role is also very powerful but only when you find people visiting other people. You have got to be a bit lucky with it or skillful.


Mayor’s town support is very important because people don’t want chaos in the town. Mayor and escort are both town support roles: the mayor gets to reveal himself during the day, and once he reveal himself, every vote he exercises counts as three votes. That includes voting for asking whether somebody is guilty or innocent. So if two people are voting guilty and you want the person to be left off because you think the person is innocent, you vote innocent. So, that will be counted as three innocent votes.


Medium is another town support role: meeting of medium takes place with the dead person at night, and when any medium dies, he gets to speak with any living person one time. So don’t forget, when you are medium and if you do die, you get to speak to one person who is alive. You can give the information of your death to the living person with whom you got the chance to speak. Very important, but a lot of people forget about that, if you choose to do this after you die, make sure that you choose someone whom you can trust.


Retribution is another town support role, and it revives a dead town member. Retribution is an important role as you try to resurrect someone who is dead.


Sheriff is another town investigator, and in my opinion, the weakest of all town investigators. He checks for suspicious activity at night, and if you have a sheriff role, you know if somebody is a serial killer, and you know if anyone is part of the mafia except for the godfather. It’s helpful, but definitely, you have to pay attention like any of the other investigative roles, and you need to investigate people who you think are evil in real.


Spy is another investigative role, and is the most powerful role against mafias; in regards with investigative authority, the second most powerful. When you are playing this character, you can listen to the mafia at night; you can hear the private messages and you will know who the mafia visits at night. If you are playing a spy role, keep track of people who mafia visits because in case they are killed, you will have evidence against mafia.


Transporter is another town support role, and that is why this role is very common to be claimed by the evil people. You can choose two people to transport at night. This role is very important because you can keep the important members of community alive; for instance, if a jailer is alive and all the protectors are dead, you can transport the jailer if he is a well-known jailor, or mayor for that matter.

Vampire Hunter

The vampire hunter is a town killer, and it basically checks for vampires each night. If he finds any, he’ll kill them. This character is specifically for vampire hunting.


Veterans also have town killing role. If you are playing this role, you have to be alert all the time, and when you are alert, you cannot be killed at night. You can only get killed at night even when you are alert only when you are dodged by someone.


Vigilante is another town killing role; it gets to shoot somebody. If you shoot somebody, and if they are not immune, they die at night. This role has a nighttime action and if you shoot another town member during the daytime, you kill yourself the next night.

Mafia Roles

Mafia is the second role category in the game: all the mafia members know about one another and work as a team. When you get into the team, you have all your mafia members listed with you: you know who they are, you know what they do, and you can speak to them at night. That’s what makes mafia group so much stronger than town members even when comparatively there are few mafia members. There are different alignments within the mafia group, so let’s have a brief introduction of all the members in the mafia group.


Blackmailers remain silent the entire day. They cannot talk during the daytime. A lot of times these people are assigned the duty to silent people who have investigative roles, or mayor or a jailor. In short, this role can silence anybody who is acting against the mafia interests.


It is another mafia support role; this mafia character checks one person each night for their exact role. There is no confusion with the consigliere because he knows the exact roles.


The concert is basically mafia’s version of an escort. Concerts can block the target from doing any actions at night, and all these persons – disguiser, forger, framer – if there is no power left in them, the concert can help them in the killing.


The disguiser supports mafia’s deception, and it is probably the weakest mafia role. This role chooses a person and disguises himself with that person. It takes over their body, takes over their persona; however, if there isn’t any goodwill, the characters like these are always caught. At lots of times, disguiser won’t disguise unless he needs to disguise himself absolutely. Otherwise, this group is just considered as a mafia reserve unit, helping them get votes and helping them in other things if necessary.


The forger is very powerful as it promotes mafia’s deception; he is the person that has the ability to rewrite the will of any other role at night time. Lots of times, and I have experienced it myself, if you are good with forgery, you throw lots of suspicion in town.


Framers can also be added in the mafia deception category, and you can choose to frame one person each night. The reason behind is that if the members that you framed are investigated in near future, they’ll appear to be the members of the mafia. You frame that people, whom you might think are subject to be investigated.

The Godfather

The Godfather is the mafia killing, the main person, who kills anybody each night. The most important thing about this character is that it doesn’t catch any suspicion by any member who has investigative authorities.


This character belongs to mafia deception category and the task of this person is to clean one dead body each night. It means that you can only clean roles that have been killed by somebody and you cannot kill somebody on your own. So, what typically happens is that the godfather will go out and kill somebody and you will go to the same person to dump his body, take away his will, and you also keep the town from knowing what exactly his role was. The only bad side of this character is that it can be caught pretty easily by veterans or anybody moving in the streets that will eventually report a suspicious activity.


Mafioso is another killing machine, and it basically carries the orders of the godfather. The godfather doesn’t have to visit people to kill; the Mafioso is here to do that. The reason that you have Mafioso in the game in the first place is that you keep the godfather from showing up to a lookout or being killed by a veteran right off the bet. This character shields the godfather from suspicion.


In the neutrals category, there are so many roles, and here is a brief description of all of these. As mentioned earlier, the neutral characters are derived by their desires to fulfill individual needs, and they have nothing to do with cooperation whatsoever.

Neutral Benign

The neutral benign neither hurts town roles, nor mafia, and his task is to remember a roll by selecting a place in the graveyard at night. So, for instance, if there is a doctor that has died – or any other member for that matter – the role of this neutral benign now is to bury the dead in the graveyard. Most of the neutral characters in the game have nothing to do with the killing, and those that do have are very dangerous for the town. Another thing worth mentioning is that these neutral characters are not only dangerous for town characters, but also for mafia too, and the mafia is always looking to kill these people.


The arsonist gets somebody down each night and is there to ignite different targets every night. Arsonists can ignite their targets both in the day as well as in the night. In the game, different arsonists will spend lots of time making up and selecting targets and this will usually require three to four nights, and the next night they will light them up. Whoever is attacked by an arsonist dies because you cannot heal an arsonist’s attack. However, you can kill them if you have a bodyguard. This will only happen if they try to kill some person and his bodyguard is watching.


Executioner is a neutral evil, and he’s kind of a bad person, and the interesting thing is that the executioner cannot kill either. The executioner’s job is to trick the town into lynching an innocent target. So, you can convince all the town persons to kill a man that is your target. If you successfully kill your target, you become a jester.


Jester is also a neutral evil, and everybody wants him dead, both town as well as mafia community. The main task of the jester is to trick town members against voting themselves, and if they do, they are dead.

Serial Killer

A serial killer is a neutral killing machine; much like arsonists, they want to kill everybody at night, if you are not immune, you are not safe. Also, if you’re ever roll blocked or jailed and not executed, you can kill the jailor, escort or the consort. Keep that in mind that it’s something that you have to watch out for. If you get role blocked, the escort will immediately know who you are. And when the escort is dead, and if something bad is mentioned in her will, you will have to defend yourself in the court of justice set by the town members, and then justice will be served.


Survivor is another neutral benign and it is a character that is suspended in between good and bad: it is not necessarily good or bad. If you are playing this role, you get four bulletproof vests to protect yourself. You will lose one every night, and the only person that can kill you is the arsonist. However, there is one exception: you can be killed by the jailer as well in case you are in the jail.

Survivors have different options, and you can join whatever group you like. You can either join the town group or the mafia. In order to survive, whenever I play the game as a survivor, I announce myself very early in the game, so that everyone knows that I’m a survivor and I won’t harm anybody.


The first character so far in the neutral role alignment that has negative intentions as well as capacity to do negative things is a vampire. The most horrific thing about the vampires is that they convert other people into vampires at night. This is like building a team around them. Every night they roam the streets to focus on their target and when they get a chance they go and turn the person into a vampire. The younger and more powerful vampires spot a target instantly and instantly bite and convert them. In my opinion, this is very silly role and it isn’t fun playing this character because this character doesn’t fit in the game. Unlike many naturally oriented characters in the game, this one seems superfluous.


The werewolf is the last neutral killer. The werewolf transforms into a werewolf during the full moon, and once turned, it’s immune for all night, so you can’t be killed in the night as a werewolf. This also goes for arsonist as well because he, too, has night immunity.

There is one interesting thing about the werewolf that I like most and that is, as the werewolf gets full immunity at night, he can use this immunity for a better purpose. For instance, you can spot serial killers and other bad persons in the night and kill them. There is an interesting thing that if you are attacked by a werewolf, nobody can save you except a doctor, but it, too, has one condition, that is, if the doctor tries to save you, the doctor will die.

Another most interesting thing about the werewolf is that if it attacks somebody and kills him, nobody is supposed to visit the dead person that night; otherwise, he’ll die too. For instance, if you attacked a mayor and killed him, and other three persons visit the mayor that night, all three persons will die.


The witch is the last neutral evil role. The role of Witch is a little bit fun, but it’s also a little bit squishy. If you are playing a witch character, you control somebody each night. What’s good about this character is that as a witch if you find the doctor, you can make the doctor heal you each night. On the other hand, if you find a mafia or a serial killer, you can choose who these persons are going to be attacking that night and killing. It is a lot of fun because your victim knows that he is being controlled but he is helpless and can do nothing about it.

The drawback of this character is that once you start controlling people, others know that there is a witch in the town, which will force people to find and kill you. But the interesting part of this character always overcomes the squishy part, and you can make people do whatever you want. You can also make people kill themselves. It’s interesting to note that you can make a blackmailer to blackmail himself. In short, this is a very powerful role that can be used in alliance with a killing role.

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