Ways To Earn Money In Da Hood

This guide will let you know how to earn money in Da Hood Roblox.

It is recommended to use your friend’s private server. If not, it will be harder but still you can make some money.

Method # 01:

You have to become a cop and let your friend autoclick spray on the wall. As he sprays, you can use an autoclicker to wash the paint with your bucket. Repeat this overnight and you will get around 80K.

Just make sure you both have your cursors in the similar area.

Method # 02:

You will need to become a cap and start working at “Hood Kicks”. They will get a payout of $300 instead of $100. To work, click on shoes and bring them back to the worker.

Method # 03:

You will need to become a cop to work in the hospital. Click on the bottle, the patient wants and then click the patient, to work.

Method # 04:

You don’t have to be a cap for this method, just need a bat for this one.

Take a bat and make your way to the bank. Get out your autoclicker and position yourself, so that your bat will hit the register everytime you swing it. You will hear a sound when your bat hits the register. You can AFK this method as long as your bat hits the register

Method # 05:

You will need a shotgun for this method as it is the best option to 1 hit registers and ATMs. Go to the gun shop near the bank and get a shotgun.

Now you want to roam around the map and break all the registers and ATMs. Hit the top of the ATM and get all the money.

Enter different buildings to find the registers. Hit them and collect all the money.

You will get about 3000 per rotation.

Method # 06:

This method is robbing a kid. You will need to get a gun and rob a rich kid.

Hit him with your gund and then ask to drop all his money. Take the money and let him go.


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