Ways To Raise Every Character Value in The Sims 4

This guide will find five ways to Raise Every Character Value in The Sims 4. It will help you to make progress in the game.  

In the parenthood game pack, there are five different character values that sims get when they age from toddlers to teenagers. Teenagers will have manners, responsibility, conflict, resolution, empathy, and emotional control. 

If you raise them high enough before your sim age into a young adult, your sim will pick up a helpful trait to assist them for the rest of their adult life. When your character value falls too low, your sim can earn a trait that will make their life more challenging in adulthood. 

There are five ways to raise the mana’s character value; the reward trait is good manners. Sims can perform a polite introduction and offer gratitude when visiting other sims, which provides a powerful friendship boost. They will also gain a significant increase in friendships when interacting with other sims. 

There are five ways to raise the mana’s character value; the reward trait is good manners. Sims will be able to perform a polite introduction and offer gratitude when visiting other sims, which provides a powerful friendship boost. They will also gain a significant increase in friendships gained when interacting with other sims. 

Good Mannar Sims will also avoid performing gross interactions in front of other sims. It is one of the more accessible values to raise, and a great way to raise it is by having your sims set the table, which can be actioned by clicking on a dining table. It is good to set up family dinners, and you’ll get a slight boost to manage every place you set. 

So if the table is more extended and has more places, you’ll get more progress towards the mana’s value. If you want to max out this character value quickly, you can set the table, then clear it and repeat. Your manners will be maxed out very fast.  

The following way is to perform friendly introductions when meeting new sims. The second way ties in with the first is by cleaning up dishes because mealtime is a big win for this trade. The fourth way is to give other sims compliments located in friendly interactions. Parents can teach toddlers or children to say please and thank you, which will boost this character value.

If you raise high enough, the responsibility character value will reward your sim with the responsible trait when they reach adulthood. The responsible trait is good and will ultimately give your sim a performance boost in their careers. Responsible sims can also teach other children and teens to be responsible, boosting their responsibility character value.

One way to improve this is to have your child or teen sim do their homework. It’s a nice passive boost. Another way is to have your sim complete a school project. A third way is to clean up the mess, clean up toys from the toy box, and take out the trash. Having your child or teen sims brush their teeth will improve their responsibility and character value.

The last way is to repair broken objects, but you have to ensure that the last one is just for teenagers to the conflict resolution value. If it’s high enough, it will unlock the mediator trait when your sims become young adults. The mediator trait means that sims apologies will be more successful by unlocking the sincere apology interaction.

Sims can mend differences with sims with whom they’re on bad terms, and they’ll also gain a unique interaction that enables them to mediate the forum because there are not a lot of opportunities to raise it. It’s much easier to raise this value as a taller child than a teenager. You have to increase this early on in your sims childhood. 

The first thing you’ll need to do when your sim is a toddler or child is you can have their parents teach them to say sorry. It will give a big boost, and you can repeat it regularly. You must do it as much as a toddler or child because it disappears when your sim becomes a teenager. After that, raising conflict resolution becomes much trickier.

When talking to other sims, if they help fix bad relationships, then interaction appears, and if it does, you need to offer your advice. You don’t have to worry about your sim’s qualifications, or if it’s wanted, you have to offer it, and you can also send your sims to visit the crime lords and evil vampires in your game. 

There is a cool-down time between how often you can use this interaction. The third way is that if you have a bad interaction with another sim, such as if you yell at them, then follow it up with an apology because this is usually a trade-off between lowering empathy and then gaining a bit of progress on conflict resolution, as shown in the image below.

For the fourth way, if you’re not getting along with another sim, you can use it to find common ground or try to chat socials to help increase your conflict resolution value. The last method is through chance cards. It applies to every value if you think an option will boost conflict resolution.

Empathy is an easy value to increase if you know the right way to go; having this new max can reward your sim with the compassionate trait. When your sim becomes a young adult sim, this trait will give your sim the ability to help others relieve negative emotions by using calm emotions and sharing emotional burden interactions. 

The latter will lower the timer of the negative moodlet of the target sim at the cost of your sim, then pick up that negative moodlet for a short period. This trait is also bad for main sims, as sims with the compassionate trait will become tense when performing mean interactions. 

Suppose a sim is experiencing a negative mood, such as being uncomfortable, tense, angry, or sad. In that case, your sim will be able to discuss their mood with them, increasing the empathy character value. The other way to increase empathy is to give other sims gifts, and It requires the Sims 4 seasons expansion pack.

If you have this, giving a gift to another sim is an easy way to get a big empathy boost. The main interaction to give other sims the main gift will also increase empathy. You can become a more empathetic person by playing rude pranks on other sims.

The third way to increase empathy is by volunteering; it is an action you can perform from your sim’s phone. While child sims can’t initiate volunteering, they can be brought along by a parent or teen sibling. You can pick a cause and choose which family members will come along, and then they will disappear into a rabbit hole for a few hours. 

Volunteering can allow a text event to help raise other values, and completing the volunteering task sims will greatly boost their empathy. Child sims can raise their empathy by playing with the doctor’s playsets, which are only available for child sims.

The next method is that if you come across a sad sim while your sim is happy, you can try and cheer them up to increase empathy. The Final character value is emotional control; when your sim becomes a young adult, it provides the emotional control trait, which will allow sims to clear negative moonlets faster by unlocking a range of interactions to help them do so.

If your sims can blog about their feelings on a computer or jog to clear their mind. It will help relieve negative moodlets faster; maxing the emotional control value requires you to pay attention to how your sim is feeling and perform actions to help clear negative moodlets. 

You can blog about your feelings on a computer or take a walk to clear your negative mood. If you max out the emotional control value, you must pay attention to your sim feelings and perform actions to clear your negative mood. The easy method to gain emotional control is to buy a journal, and then you have to start writing in it. 

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