Where to farm Jagged Edge in Warframe

In this guide, you will come to know where to farm Jagged Edge in Warframe. 

Jagged Edge can drop as a reward from killing specific corpus enemies that can spawn in various places such as Jupiter, the ORB Vallis/venus open world, and on Lua.

Specifically, you will need to look for certain types of crewmen depending on what tileset/planet you are on. If you are on Jupiter, you need to look for Vapos elite crewman. On Lua, you’ll be looking for normal elite crewmen, and on venus the Orb Vallis, you have to look for terra elite crewman.

Also, the elite crewmen that can spawn in Railjack missions can drop jagged Edge. However, it is not entirely sure how well they spawn.

The mod does have a super low drop rate, so unless you are very or somewhat lucky. You’ll likely be old by the time you get the mod if you’re unlucky, so if farming the mod doesn’t work out, then you can buy it off of another player.

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