Where to find Silver and Lead in Subnautica

This guide will let you know where to find the Silver and Lead in Subnautica. 

Starting from the coral tube sticking up out of the water, you want to head two bumps to the right of the southeast or between southeast and south until you reach a Kelp forest near the back of the Aurora.

It is recommended to have a sea glide, a sea moth, a high-capacity O2 tank, and a flashlight. The only main threat in the area is the stalker, which you can easily avoid or kill using the survival knife. (Grear and threats for both locations). 

The coords for both locations are (232.6, -59.8, -417.3), and (-272.1,  -27.9,  -111.2) respectively. 

Once you reach the Kelp forest, you have to be searching on the seafloor, on the walls, on the ceiling, and throughout the caves in the Kelp forest biome for sandstone outcrops.

Starting from the coral tube, you want to head west or bump to the left or right of the west until you reach another large kelp forest biome.

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