Chop Chop Runner Review

While he may be a badass Ninja, even Chop Chop Ninja‘s hero Iro must do his routine workouts. In Chop Chop Runner, you can assist him in honing his running and jumping skills instead of taking him on epic missions. Get ready for more samurai-slicing action set in the Chop Chop world.

In this game, much like in Canabalt, your character is constantly running forward. However, this game goes far deeper. Depending on how long you hold down your finger, Iro will jump different lengths. This is key, due to the fast pace and tiny platforms you need to jump on, and we’re glad the controls feel solid.

As you race to the pulsing, Ninja-approved electronic beat, enemies and obstacles will randomly pop up. You can attack these by tapping on the screen twice. If you are falling and perform an attack, Iro will fling himself back onto the platform and continue running. Some obstacles have special effects, like explosive barrels that send you flying to the next platform if you land on top of them.

The charming graphical style is the same found in Chop Chop Ninja, and we still think it’s great. A zoomed-out view offers a wider look at the colorful world as you race through it.

And finally, what would a high-score game be without online leaderboards? OpenFeint implementation in Chop Chop Runner brings with it leaderboards and some achievements, a couple of which are quite interesting, such as ‘run 300m without killing an enemy’ and ‘save yourself from almost dying’.

As an alternative to Canabalt, Chop Chop Runner is a great choice. It builds on the basic running concept with original ideas and innovative controls, plus plenty of character that is impossible not to like.

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