Community Spaces in The Sims 4

This guide will provide everything you need to know about the Community Spaces in The Sims 4

The community spaces start as a bland base lot, and also, through voting on the community board, this will transform into spaces. The spaces they can transform into are a community garden, marketplace, and maker space which will happen through sim using their influence points to vote, as shown in the image below.  

The voting takes place on Friday from 8 am till Monday at 6 pm; any sim from anywhere can use the community space. You can enter a community space in build mode, and you can also choose what type of space you want before you save it and then exit. It will automatically update the space and will become active in the world. 

Suppose you are confused while getting the type of community space. In that case, while creating your own community space, you need to make four different lots as a base that has the requirement of a community board and the community garden, marketplace, and market space, with each having its requirement.

All three additional types of community spaces will require a community board, toilet sink, and some waste disposal. The community garden will also require four planter boxes with some optional insect farms and vertical gardens; the marketplace requires three sales tables with optional market stores and picnic tables. The maker space will require a fabricator and a recycler with an optional candle maker, woodworking table, juice fizzer, easel, and kids activity table, as shown in the image below. 

Each of the unique spaces can have its own set of lot traits. In the community garden space, you need to consider adding the great soil lot trait to a community garden, which will help you improve the quality of grown plants. The homey trait will increase the rate of gaining the gardening skill. An active community garden can give you access to different plants, as shown in the image below. 

Your regular townies only sometimes plant the good stuff, so if you need more rare plants to grow in the community garden, you must plant them yourself. It is also the best space to train your gardening skills while socializing. For a Marketplace community space, you need to have a convivial trait that will boost the rate of gaining charisma, comedy, and mischief skills. It also contributes to the social element of a marketplace. 

The sims will gather there to sell their goods on the sales table; they will sell objects related to the eco-lifestyle pack, such as juices from the fizzing juice skills or candles on the candle making station. The sims will also sell plants from there. 

If you have the city living expansion pack, you can also add the street gallery. Sims will be able to sell the paintings, which is the best method to get access to some craftable goods if you don’t have the skill level. You need to have a home studio lot trait for the maker space that can help you make paintings and woodworking projects with the best quality. 

It will also give your sim a social environment to perform craftable activities like fabricating, candle making, juice fuzzing, woodworking and painting. It will be helpful if you don’t want to place random items such as recyclers or fabricators on your home lot. Each of the three community spaces directs you in its purpose and requirements. If you have the season’s expansion pack, you can also add a flower arranging table to a community garden. If you have the city living expansion pack, you can also add a performance space to perform live in the marketplace, as shown in the image below.  

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