Crash Fever | Musashi Miyamoto Walkthrough

The Samurai Miyamoto has Invaded. Are you strong enough to take on his flurry of massive counter attacks? Find out here!

Recommended Units

-Turing -Euler -Hatsune Miku -Hatsune Miku V4X -Hatsune Miku Append -YatagarasuInaba-Baal -Miku Murasaki -Lancelot -Lucifer

Stage Guide

Stage -1 Himiko/Gantetsu

The 1st stage isn’t too hard. The side units have an attack buff that lasts 4 turns and will cause them to inflict high damage. It’s best to take them out and focus on the middle to move on.

Stage -2 Tomoe/Mimi

When you first enter, 4 junk panels will spawn and Tomoe will attack for 3k damage causing green panels to be locked for 3 turns. It’s recommended to kill the sides then Tomoe since she will start to hit for 6k.

Stage -3 Yamata-No-Orochi

Yamata will hit for 6.6k damage as soon as you enter. After that, she will start to hit for 9k. Now is the time to use any skills saved to burst damage her down before she starts to buff herself. Yamata will buff her defense, cast a counter, lower your attack, and cast skill bind as the turns progress.

Stage -4 Izanami

Izanami’s 1st bar of health isn’t too hard to get through. But as soon as her 2nd bar of health starts, she will start casting debuffs. You can either wait it out or burst her down to move on. If you can’t, Izanami will cast haste to speed up her attack, will start to hit for 7k damage, lowers the enemies recovery stat by 50% for 5 turns, and converts heart panels to blue.

Stage 5- Musashi Miyamoto

1st Bar During his 1st turn, Miyamoto will cast haste to increase his attack frequency to 1 turn for 3 turns and will hit for 8-10k damage. 2nd Bar Entering his 2nd bar of health, Miyamoto will cast a 5 turn counter on himself that hits for 9k damage. It’s recommended to bring a unit that removes counter or wait it out. Once his counter buff is up, he will buff his attack, hit for 8-15k damage while dealing all color type killer moves to offensive type units. 3rd Bar Miyamoto buffs his attack and defense right at the start and will start to hit for 9.7k damage. He casts counter on himself again which hits 9.7k, and inflicts “killer move” damage to red/yellow/ blue offensive units which hit harder than before. Burst him down before this or it will prove to be difficult than before.
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