Here is a list of top ten features in the game that you may not have known about.

Disabling Pop-up Window after the Research

In single player mode, when you finish doing some research, it pops up a window and stops the game for you if you haven’t changed the default setting. And it can get quite annoying after multiple researches. The interesting thing is that you can disable this in the game. It is often asked whether there is a mod to disable this, or a built-in feature in the game with the help of which you can disable the pop-up window. For this purpose, go to “options”, then “others”, and then uncheck the third bar.

Modules Can be Used in Labs

Another interesting trick in the game is that you can put modules into labs. Any of the three modules you put into the lab would work exactly the same as they would in any other machine.

You can put them on especially for something like productivity. Also, if you are looking for peer research speed, these can be quite nice.

Copying Recipes

This helps you streamline things quite a bit. You can copy recipes from one machine to another or from one item to another. You can copy by shift and right click, and you can paste with shift plus left click. It doesn’t matter if machines are at different levels, you can still paste recipes. You can also do this with the help of inserters, all you need is a filter inserter and a filter set. It works for circuit network conditions as well. You can also do it for cargo wagons.

Turning On/Off Advanced Info

You can toggle on and off your advanced info with the alt key. Advanced info is essentially the stuff that shows what’s going on, and what’s inserted. You can see it here.

The majority of new players don’t realize this, but this is a nice body of things.

Putting the Pipes by Running

Electric poles, underground belts, and pipes can be auto placed at a maximum connectable distance by holding down left click and running.

Undergrounds also work the same way which is a fairly new feature, so a lot of people may not actually know this.

Concrete and Stone Brick Path

The green square in the middle is your default brush size, but you can increase its size with the plus key on your number pad, and you can also decrease it with the minus key. The maximum increasable size is as follows.

So, with the help of plus and minus key, you can increase or decrease the size of the brick path, and same is true for concrete.

Quick Placing

You can quickly place a quick pole-chest and assemblers by just using a king combination you can do it with the help of ctrl left click and ctrl right click.

Fish in the Pond

This trick might seem impractical, but it is interesting. There is a fish in the game, and it swims around in some of these ponds, and the interesting thing is that you can grab that fish. You don’t need a fishing pole or anything obviously, you just grab them. The healing capacity of fish is also amazing. If you are fighting enemies, or if you have a mishap, you can use the fish to heal yourself.

Compression on Belts

This trick is about compression on belts and inserters. Compressors cannot fully compress a belt when inserting onto and into an actual belt. You can see it here.

This is not fully compressed; it should be in a perfect ratio. And you can also see that the little robots aren’t working, and there are lots of gaps there. You can fix these things by placing the underground belts.

You can Rotate Assemblers

The last trick is that you can rotate assemblers, and this only applies when you have taken an assembler that carries a liquid. You can rotate it with the R key. A lot of people know this trick, but I’m just imagining that few don’t.

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