Rogue Legacy: Tips & Tricks

Rogue Legacy is an insanely addictive game and is certainly no walk in the park. You and your heirs are destined to die again and again for countless generations in this brutally challenging game. But, here are few helpful tricks to help you survive a little bit longer so that one day you can conquer the castle and fulfill the family legacy.

Set Clear Goals

The first tip is to set clear goals. So before you choose a heir and charge in, stop to consider what you want to accomplish. Essentially, either your player will be suitable for a farming run to collect gold or a bus run. For the gold run, you want to choose a character that is suited to the gold farming strategies. For a bus run, however, you want to take a different approach. Here you are supposed to forget about the loop and find the safest and most direct route to the bus so that you can arrive with as much help as possible. If you ever stop short of knowing what to do, simply stop and remind yourself of the overall goals that you want to achieve.

Tackle Stages in Order

The second tip is to tackle stages in correct order. Rogue Legacy features a randomly generated map, but there are still few consistent elements which you can rely on. The game is split into four different areas each with its own difficulty and boss battle. From easiest to most crushingly difficult, these are the castle, the forest, the Maya, and the Darkness. Although the castle layout is always unique, you can expect to find the forest somewhere off to the right, the Maya by heading up, and Darkness by venturing down. After you manage to defeat all four bosses, you’ll unlock the door at castle’s entrance which leads to the final boss encounter.

You can encounter a rude shock if you wander into an area before you are ready, so it is better that you approach the area in the intended order.

By the time you are done with one area, you must be ready to tackle the next.

Choose Classes and Traits Wisely

Choose a character class and trait combination that suits your goals and play style. I recommend experimenting with lots of different styles until you find a few that you like. It’s the random nature of the game that won’t always allow you to get an ideal combo. The starting night is extremely versatile, but it is also a great option for all-rounders.

The variant is tank class that can soak up tons of damage making it ideal if you want to survive for a long time.

In the end, different players will have different choices, but it is better to choose a character that suits your playing techniques. It must also be noted that the classes with high health, magic and additional advantage from restorative items are much better – as these are based on the percentage of your bar rather than on a sentiment. In other words, barbarians last for a long time not because of their starting health, but because of their ability to extract extra nutrients from each chicken.

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