Ghost Rider Build Guide – Midnight Suns

This guide will give you everything you need to know about Ghost Rider. Ghost Ride is one of the first damage dealers in the game. You will know about his cards, abilities, and mechanics. 

Ghost Rider Build


Judgment is a heroic card, and it costs one heroism. It also consumes 25% of the current health of Ghost Rider, whatever its current health is. It deals two damage to all the things around his target. When you upgrade the judgment card, it will protect the teammates.

If the ghost rider has already taken damage, it will be bad. He may lose health and abilities like a lash and also going to deal with the damage. There is a conflict here. 

But the passive ability “soul collector” is useful for Ghost Rider in this situation. Soul Collector will increase your max health, and you will gain the health you lost due to judgment. If you use a soul collector, you will gain more health and deal damage with this ability. Ghost Rider’s health gets higher and higher. It also makes him take damage. 

When Ghost Rider kills one enemy, he will get one soul. You can use cards to get the souls, but it is not recommended. Judgment is a good ability; you can use it when you have max health. 

Hell’s Fury

Hell’s Fury is a heroic ability that costs one heroism and also greatly damages the enemy in a single attack. Whenever Ghost Rider hits the enemy with hell’s Fury, he will get damage from the enemy or takes damage from one of his abilities. This card increases damage wherever it happens. It is recommended that you use this card early. When you get hit by enemies or attack some of the enemies, then you need to use this ability. Hell’s Fury has great synergy with the judgment card. 

Using the judgment card and hell’s fury card will be a great hit to the enemy. If the enemy has the block, you can destroy that block with judgment and then use the hell’s fury card. Hell’s fury card also has good synergy with the lash card. 


A Lash card can make a quick attack, giving you one heroism. It also does knockback in the given direction, an incredible technique. You can use it on ghost rider, which does not require any particular movement. Ghost Rider can throw it in any direction. It also damages Ghost rider. It can knock out big enemies on the attack, especially when you set the target and hit it. So you have to set the target, throw it on the exploding barrel, and then get 100 damage. You can kill the tough enemy in one hit by doing this. 


The Hellmouth card also gives strength and heroism to the Ghost Rider. You don’t need a drop here; it is nice but unsuitable because you get RNG. Getting strength and getting heroism is super good because strength increases your damage by 50 percent. If you use the Hellmouth card and your damage increase by 50 percent, then you use the judgment card, it will be a disaster on the map for the enemies. 

After that, you can use the lash card and hell’s fury card, it will clear the battlefield for the Ghost Rider. 

Straight to hell

Straight to hell gives Ghost Rider two heroism and replaces Ghost Rider with the drop until the end of the turn. It will be the last action, and he cannot do any action after this on the turn once you use this card for Ghost Rider. You can use the judgment card, the lash card, the hell’s fury card, and this card. When you upgrade this card, the ghost rider will recover the health; in the next round, he will come out in much better shape. It is also recommended to modify the straight-to-hell card and redraw the health. It is not a great play to disappear from the map. You can redraw it and gain some health; sometimes, it is effective after using a judgment card. 

Drain Soul

Drain soul is a good card. But you can use four cards in your deck for ghost rider. You can use it in place of straight to hell. You can use it because it has the same function but the Drain soul card allows you to get damaging attacks. And these damaging attacks heal ghost riders, and if you modify this card, then you can discard it for healing. It gives you the same flexibility as an attack option which is good for a ghost rider because he gets stronger and stronger with this. 

Every time you build up four souls meaning, you get four kills. Or you can use the abilities that give you four souls; you can draw on these cards. But they won’t be modifiers. But if you keep drawing these, it will work well. Because each of them will become more powerful, and your chain increases from casting. 

Ghost Rider’s best teammates

Nico is highly recommended for Ghost Rider because she gives him strength, and she can also give him blood magic, because of which he can heal himself with attacks. It is favorable for the Ghost Rider because he needs healing for himself. She can also heal him with her spells. She can also help him to redraw some of his cards. 

The Hunter is also a good choice because of the healing spell available to him. You can use him early on when you don’t have your deck updated. 

Doctor Strange is also a good choice for him; he can buff up his damage abilities. 

Make sure you have optimized Nico; optimized Nico is more beneficial for Ghost Rider. Doctor Strange is better by default.