Grand RP GTA Beginners Guide

This is a complete Grand RP beginners guide. You will find everything you need to know about Grand RP as a beginner. 

When you log into the game, it will ask you to customize your character.

After that, you’ll be spawned in the hotel, then you have to get out of the hotel and press M to open up a menu. 

You need to select “my job” in the menu. Then select the job which has a high salary and then tap on “route to work”.

Then a waypoint to the job will be created on the map and you have to reach that location. You can take a lift or rent a car. To interact with other players, you can hold the N button and talk to them. 

When you arrive at the location, you will find a yellow circle. Just go there and get employed.

But if you want to get a contract, then do not get employed rather interact with other players and try if anyone gives you a contract. You have to press Y to accept the contract.

When you get the contract, you have to go to the yellow circle and get employed.

Then you have to complete the job and you will achieve level 2 and also get some money.

After that, get out of the premises and you will find that you don’t have a vehicle. Now you will need to rent a vehicle. 

You can press the CTRL button to start the vehicle and get the driving license which will be valid for 30 days. If you don’t get it, you’ll be able to just only drive the scooty but not any other vehicle such as a car.

When you reach Licensing Center, you have to talk to this bot to get the license, it will charge you 500$. 

Now in the driving test, make sure not to exceed the speed of 100; otherwise, you’ll fail the test. You can press “g” while driving and set the speed limit.

After successfully completing the test, you’ll get a 30-day driving license.

Now you need to press “K “on the keyboard to open your phone. 

On the phone, you can save a contact, call the police or ambulance or auction properties, etc. Now you have to go to the red dollar on the map to buy a sim card, a backpack, and a pickaxe.

After that, go out of the shop and put a sim in the phone, press “I open inventory” and drag the sim card to the phone slot.

Now you can go back to the job and get contracts and complete them. To complete the contract, you have to go to different locations, you can also rent cars and drive them. You can also select different jobs by pressing M. The job menu will open and then you can select jobs of your choice and select the route to work.

When you get some money, then you will need to go to a bank, and it will be shown as a yellow-colored dollar on the map. 

When you arrive at the bank, you have to deposit money in it. You can keep about 2000 with you while depositing the rest in the bank. 

After that, go to the beach market and buy a level 2 backpack.

Then you need to buy a sim card from a shop, shown as a red-colored dollar sign on the map.

Then equip the sim into the phone in inventory, and you can drag the sim into the phone slot. Then you need to go to the bank and recharge the sim. 

The next thing you will need to do is to put up an ad to buy a level 2 bag.

If someone is selling the level 2 backpack, he will contact you and you should not buy above 65000. After that, you need to buy a car and go to the Auto salon, it will appear as an orange icon on the map.

It is recommended that you buy a Glendale. It will cost you 28000.

After that, you have to go to the lady outside the hotel and order transport placement,  then your car will be in the parking lot.

Now you have to go to the SAHP, you will find a person named Kayip or Ron or Yipman. He will simply recruit you into SAHP. You just have to tell him that Kevin Cruise has sent you and you want to be recruited in SAHP.

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