How to Beat Raven Beak Boss in Metroid Dread

In this guide, you will learn about the Raven Beak boss fight in Metroid Dread.

You will do more damage if you use storm missiles for the last fight with the final boss. At the beginning of the battle, you have to flash hit backward to distance yourself from the raven beat. 

When a raven raises his cannon over his head, he will spread laser waves across the room, flashing near him to stay out of the damaged area. Once he stops immediately, space and flash shift away from him, raven beats up an orb of darkness and sends it towards Samus.

Four missile shots will destroy it when the raven beak’s hand is glowing, and there is a pink pulsing wave, so you have to use a morph ball. If you dodge this successfully, you will trigger a counter opportunity. When a raven beats ore with gold, he is immune to everything but counters; if you’re running low on energy or missiles, use the orb of darkness to replenish.

When raven beats his hand back and charges it with energy, he will launch an attack you can counter. If he gets too close and connects with the melee at any point in time, he has a deadly three-hit combo. If raven beats taunts, you perform more forward counter-attacks and be ready to counter again after doing enough damage to raven beat. 

He goes into a second form phase two during phase two, and his entire attack set changes. He has a swooping attack which you can avoid by sliding or morphing after you evade the swoop lock-on missiles. When the raven beak is stationary and aiming at redline sight, he is preparing to fire wherever aimed to dodge this space jump around him until he stops as you are dropping to continue circling and try to unlock a missile.

Raven beak has a charge blast while he’s aiming flash hit behind him and auto-lock missiles when raven beats fly directly above you. He is readying a dive attack, so you have to flash shift to avoid it. Once he lands auto-lock missiles, there are no counters and no way to gain energy or missiles, so if you’re struggling with phase two, then it would be accessible by topping off your power in phase one.

Once you’ve done enough damage, raven beak takes the fight back to the ground. Raven beak has all attacks from phase one and three new attacks. He now has a supernova that releases damaging waves and an inner belt. As soon as you see a raven charging supernova warfare and charging a powerbomb, the raven beak has a new charge blast. Now he aims slowly, which gives you time to lure a shot and invade it. 

Raven’s beak has a shine spark attack when he floats off the ground and charges up; get ready to space jump backward to evade. This attack can be unpredictable because he can’t switch to vertical at mid-dash after you do enough damage; a counter is triggered and successfully performs two counters for the win.

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