How to Become a Rapper/Popstar in Bitlife!

This guide explains how you can become a rapper or a pop star in Bitlife. You need to choose an instrument and then select an occupation. Follow the step-by-step instructions in this guide to become a rapper or a pop star in Bitlife.

Once you turn six years old, you can pick up any instrument of your choice.

You can pick more than one instrument of your choice, just like a guitar and a piano. After that, with every single year passing, you will have to practice each instrument three times to increase your skill level in the instrument.

Once you get your skills at their maximum level, the skill line turns completely green. It will show that you have practiced an instrument enough. Now in the Occupations section, go to Special Careers.

Then you will need to go to Musicians, and you can select either a band or a solo artist.

After that, you have to select your career type as Singer, Guitarist, Pianist, and many others. Then pick your record label as well and click on “Request an Audition”.

Once you sign the contract, you will become a famous singer, rapper or whatever you want.

If you wish to change your profession as if you first were a guitarist and now want to become a rapper, you need to exit the game and restart. 

Go to Special Careers and select the career of your choice. It is not confirmed that your career will be changed as per your demand as a lot will depend on your audition, and some professions have a low royalty rate. 

In this way, you can easily become a rapper or a pop star in Bitlife.

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