How to Break a Ladder in WWE 2k23 (Xbox, Playstation, PC)

This guide helps to break a Ladder in WWE 2k23 on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC most easily and quickly. You must follow each step mentioned in the guide to complete the task.

Step 1: Setting Up the Ladder Bridge

To begin, you need to create a ladder bridge outside the ring. This is accomplished by following these specific inputs on your gaming platform:

  • Xbox: Press RT + LB
  • PlayStation: Press R2 + L1
  • PC: Press U + Space

Executing these commands will position the ladder horizontally, creating a bridge-like structure outside the ring. Once this setup is complete, you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Positioning Your Opponent

Now that the ladder bridge is in place, it’s time to position your opponent on it. This can be done by either luring your opponent onto the ladder or executing a move that places them on top of it. Choose your preferred method based on the situation and your gameplay strategy.

Step 3: Breaking the Ladder

To break the ladder, follow the instructions below, depending on your gaming platform:

  • Xbox: Grab your opponent and press RB
  • PlayStation: Grab your opponent and press R1
  • PC: Grab your opponent and press “O”

After initiating the grab, you need to execute the finishing move to break the ladder. This is done by performing the following actions:

  • PlayStation and Xbox: Push the right stick upwards
  • PC: Press Ctrl + I

By power bombing your opponent through the ladder, you will successfully break it, leaving a spectacular scene in the virtual ring.

This guide has taught you the simplest method to break a Ladder in WWE 2k23 in the most convenient way, which requires no time to execute the process.