How to Get a High Kd in GTA 5 Online

This guide will let you know how to get High KD in GTA V. You have to follow the guide and you will be able to know a trick to get High KD

Firstly, you need to bookmark the Job in the links below.

For Xbox

For PS4

Once you have done it, you have to reset your game. Now go to the Pause menu and come up to the Online section. Here, you need to click on the Job option and navigate to Play Job. Come up to the Bookmarked option and go to the Deathmatches. Then select the Cash: $852k – RP:254k and start the job. 

Now, you need to set up the Settings. You may select the Time Limit as you want. After you have done with the settings, tap on Confirm Settings.

Then you have to invite your friends. It is recommended to let strangers join it. You can play the job after some strangers join you. You can also set up any level. After you have done it, come up to the Ready to Play.

Here, you will be close to the guns, and your friends are always far behind you. You just need to move to the gate and then go in the left direction. You have to cross the gate, and for this, you need to jump up all the pallets. Then just pick up the guns and kill your friend. After killing your friend, you will see that your RP will go up.       

Every time you kill your friend, your RP will go up. There are so many guns available there. You can use any of the guns to kill your friend, and it will boost your RP. Snipping guns will be easy for you in killing them. It will have a huge impact on the KD of your friends if you keep killing them. You can increase the Time Limit to get more time, and you can have more chances to increase your RP.  

In this way, you can boost your RP in GTA V and have more fun playing the game.

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