How to Get Tan Joggers on GTA 5 Online

In this guide, you will learn how to get Tan Joggers in GTA V. It is worth knowing the glitch, and you can have more fun with the game.

You have to go inside a Clothing Store. Go to your Interaction Menu and come up with the SecuroServ option. There you need to click on the Register as a CEO. After you have done it, come outside of the store. 

Then again, go to your Interaction Menu and navigate to Hide Options. Click on the job and select the Custom option to All Jobs.  

Afterwards, go to your Interaction Menu and navigate to the SecuroServ CEO option. Go to Management and click on Style. There you need to wear the Tan Joggers.

Now go into your job and press the d-pad. You can make any changes in the settings. Click on Confirm Settings and then click on the Play option. Here, you need to change the vehicle and then go back out of a job.

Once you have done it, you will get spawned with your normal outfit. Then go back to the Clothing Store and navigate to the Top section. Then kick off the menu, and you will have your Tan Joggers. After that, you need to go to your Interaction Menu and come up to the SecuroServ option. Then you have to click on the Retire option. 

Now you can change your jackets and shoes which suit best to Tan Joggers. You can wear any top according to your taste and give your character the best look with Tan Joggers. Then save this as an outfit. You can name the outfit whatever you want to name it. Then the glitch is on, and you have your Tan Joggers in GTA V.  

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