How to Kill Wukong in Free Fire

There are three tricks to kill Wukong. This guide will let you know how to kill Wukong Skill in Free Fire and defend yourself from it. You will also learn what equipment you need to do it and what Skills you require to defeat the enemies.  

Trick 1 

If your enemy attacks you using Wukong and uses an M-1040 shotgun, he will kill you easily because the shotguns shoot the bullet one by one. But if you want to defend from Wukong, you have to use Mag-7, a shotgun.

The firing speed of MAG-7 is much faster than any other shotgun. But if you use SMG guns like UMP, the enemy using Wukong will stand up from the skill. Because the SMG guns capture them with the red dot very easily, and the firing speed of these guns is very fast. You can also use this trick in the clash squad.

Trick 2

When you are playing in a clash squad, most players equip Grenades to kill the enemy. But if you equip Flash Bang, it will help because it’s the most convenient way to convert Wukong skill into a player again in just a few seconds, as shown in the image below.  

Trick 3 

As a defender, you have to go to the active skill slot and use any character. But in the passive skill slot, you only need to use the following skills of the characters “Kelly” “Joseph” “Moco” because when your enemy attacks you with Wukong skill, then you have to run back with the help of Joseph. Then the skill of Kelly will help you to increase the movement faster. If you use Moco and damage your enemy, you can spot the enemy and get the direction on your mini-map. 

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