How To Make A Glass Pane

Glass Pane is a craft able block that is used for the decoration. To make Glass Pane, you’ll need Sand Blocks, Furnace to make Glasses and the Crafting Table to craft Glass Pane. Please follow the following steps to make Glass Pane.  

Sand Blocks  

In order to make a glass pane, the basic item you’d need is sand block. Find and get at least six sand blocks using your iron shovel. You can find some sand near the river water. 


After that you will have to make six glasses from sand blocks. Go towards the furnace and add sand blocks at the upper box with coal or wood planks in the lower box. You will get six glasses in the right-side box of the furnace. Add these glasses into your inventory to use later.  

Glass Pane

Now move towards the crafting table to craft glass pane by adding six glasses in adjacent rows of the 3*3 crafting grid as pattern shown below. You will simply get 16 glass panes in the right-side box of the crafting table. Add these glass panes into your “ready to use” stock.  

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