How to Use Phone in GTA 5

This guide will let you know how to use a Phone in GTA 5. You have to follow the simple steps in this guide to use a mobile phone. 

First, you will need to press the up arrow key from the keyboard to open up your game phone on the right bottom side of the screen. On your phone, you will find an email option in which you can unlock a few missions in the game. While playing the mission, you will receive an email regarding the missions.

The next option on the phone is the quick save option. The second option is texts, and this option is available in GTA 5 online because you cannot message anyone if you are playing offline. The job list option is also available in online mode. In the contact list, you will find your contacts, and in online mode, you will also find your friends’ contact details.

If your friend is online and playing GTA 5, then if you call him, he will get your call, and when he picks it up, you can easily talk with each other. The call option is only available during missions, so if you are not doing any mission, you will not be able to call anyone from the phone in offline mode. 

The settings option is used to customize the phone settings where you can change the ringtone, theme, and background image, and you can also silence your phone. The snapmatic option is used to take photos; you can zoom in or out for pictures, and to take the photo, you need to press the left click from the mouse, and to save it, you need to press the enter button.

The last option on the phone is the Internet, and the web browser will open when you click on it. It will work properly in GTA 5 online because in offline mode, if you buy a car or anything else from the Internet, then in story mode, if you uninstall the game, all of your purchases will be rest, and you have to buy them again. So to avoid this, you need to buy objects online, as shown in the image below.  

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