Town Of Salem: Tips & Tricks for Framer

The role of Framer is ideal for people who love to stir things up. Framer is the member of the mafia and many people don’t understand how dangerous he is to the town. His ability is to frame someone at night and it means that you can fool the sheriff or investigator into believing that the target you have chosen to investigate is the member of the mafia. For instance, if an investigator visits someone at night, and you happen to be framing the very same person, it would be revealed to the investigator that they have visited a guilty person. Whereas, if a sheriff visits someone at night time, and you just happen to be framing the same target, it will be revealed to the sheriff that he has found the member of the mafia.

This causes a lot of confusion to the town especially if there are already suspicions around a player in a game. So, if you want to use this role effectively know all your capabilities first that what you are capable of.

Biggest Threat – Town, Serial Killer and Jailer

As being a member of the mafia, your biggest threat is town, the serial killer or the jailer. However, the advantage you have of this role is that you never have blood on your hands. A lookout might see you visit someone at night, but you never kill anyone. The framer shouldn’t blame other people; instead, he should be questioning other people. Or, if there is someone blaming someone else, be very happy to join in. what you want to do is drive heat away from the mafia, and draw heat towards someone else especially during the discussion phase, not so much to get lynched but just as a way of drawing attention to the certain person in the game. That way, it is possible that they will be investigated at night time, and you choose to frame the person that is being investigated, so that way the person who is being investigated will look suspicious.

Arouse the Curiosity of People

It is absolutely ensured that when you are playing as the framer, you want to try and encourage people to be curious about someone else and then on that night, frame that person. This is in hopes that the investigator or the sheriff will want to see why this person is so suspicious or why is everyone demanding that this person should get lynched.

Framing the Same Person

Another idea is to frame the same person over and over again. If a sheriff or an investigator is playing, and they have played the game plenty of times before, they will be curious to check the same target again just to make sure if it’s mafia or not. If it shows up twice or three times, they are more likely to respond by calling them out for discussion. The most rewarding part of being framer is that you can convince the town to lynch an innocent member. The town members will be happy that they have found the member of the mafia, but they will never know it is the framer who has created the confusion.

Work with the Team

Never forget that you are part of a team, so at nighttime, work with the godfather of the mafia community to work out who to kill and who to frame next day. The power of three people accusing someone of being suspicious can be very strong and influential in the discussion phase, and will also help to take away the heat from the mafia. If in some case you are going to be lynched and someone says you should be because you are the framer, you could probably get away with it by saying I was framed. It’s funny, but some people will buy it. Just be prepared to lie about your role. You can suggest you are a bodyguard, a doctor, or the lookout, since these roles let you visit someone else at night, and because nobody died, you will be able to get away with it.

If there are no mafia roles capable of killing anyone in the game, you will be promoted to Mafioso.

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