Every Gadget In Genshin Impact

Go through this guide and you will find the details about all the gadgets being used in Genshin Impact. It will also tell you about the uses of these gadgets.

1. Geo Treasure Compass

Geo Treasure Compass indicates chest locations in Liyue

2. Wind Catcher

Wind Catcher creates a wind current for 10 seconds.

3. Portable Waypoint

The Portable Waypoint places a temporary teleport point for 7 days.

4. NRE (Menu 30)

NRE is a screen shortcut for instant food use.

5. Anemo Treasure Compass

Anemo Treasure Compass indicates chest locations in Mondstadt (Dragonspine not included).

6. Mini Seelie

A Seelie pet making weird noises, stackable with other gadgets (Event Item).

7. Kamera

Kamera is used to take instant photo shots, able to use in combat. You can obtain it from a World Quest.

8. Special Kamera

The Special Kamera takes instant photo shoots but with an effect. This is an event item.

9. Parametric Transformer

Parametric Transformer is used to transform the junk to upgrade resources, weekly usability. You can obtain it from a World Quest.

10. Commemorative Ballon

Commemorative Ballon places a balloon every 5 secs, self popping after a while. It is an event item.

11. Windsong Lyre

Windsong Lyre plays the stringed instrument, can be heard from other players (Event item).

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