How To Complete the Fleeca Bank Contract In GTA 5 Online

In this guide, you will get to know how you can complete the Fleeca Bank contract in GTA online. You will start off with the thermal charge mission, This mission is mainly either driving or flying to grape seeds in GTA. Once you reach there, you will find a field full of cops.

After this, the thing which you have to do is to lose the cops. You can use a helicopter for this purpose as you will have to escape from three to five cops. After you complete this mission, you will move to the auto repair shop in order to start the next mission.

So the next mission is the single jammers’ mission. In order to start the mission, you will need to get into this car which will be in the back alley, and go into the duffle bags in order to get the signal jammers.

In the next part of the mission, you will go to six individual Fleeca Bank jobs because you are going to rob six Fleeca Banks while you have only 10 minutes to complete this robbery. You will need to trace the location of the bank whether it is on the roof or on the floor by taking help from the mini-map.

The only tricky part of this mission is to trace those six banks. The players who will be having helicopters will trace them easily but new players with just cars will really find it tricky to trace those 6 banks within 10 minutes. Once you have visited all the six banks, now you will head to your auto repair shop.

The final mission will be the bank drop. The most important thing which needs to be managed well in this mission is time. When you rob your first bank, you will put the thermal charge on the door of the bank. You will be having two minutes wanted in the timer. In between those two minutes, you can’t get the wanted level. After that timer ends, then you will get a free stop wanted level.

Once the timer completes, the mission will not fail but you can not get five stars. You will end up getting just three-star. In order to get five stars, you need to kill the cops when you arrive at the bank and similarly, you need to kill the cops when you are leaving the bank. After that, you will have to go to the Sunday Shores at your last bank. Once all your teammates join you after the mission, that’s the mission completed.


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