How to Bait All the Bosses in One Punch Man Destiny/A Hero’s Destiny

In this brief guide, you will come to know how to bait most of the bosses in the game. 

  1. Psykos 

You will need to attack him from a distance by carefully flying all around. 

  1. Charanko 

There are two ways to bait Charanko. One from going up overhead and attacking it. Another is by moving side by side with a black smoke ball.  

  1. Boros 

You have to bait near the bottom if you have high hp and bait at the top if you have low hp. 

  1. Gouketsu

When it comes to Gouketsu, you will need to use your waving move when it comes right under your view.

  1.  Kabuto

Fly up and down, but the higher you fly, the less damage you will take. And throw a move after going up over the head of Gouketsu. 

  1.  Mosquito Girl

Just take Mosquito Girl near the edge as shown in the image below, then apply your special move, and she will be done.

  1. Sea King

Hide behind different things and never let Sea King catch you. Then attack when he comes near you. 

  1. Hammer Head

You have to make him a fool and lock him behind the bar. Then put your move over him, and that is it. 

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