How to Transfer Files Wirelessly to Your Switch 14.1.1

This guide will tell you how to Transfer Files Wirelessly to your Switch 14.1.1.

Sys-Ftpd-Light 1.0.4

1- First, you’ll need atmosphere custom firmware and a tesla menu on your Nintendo switch. Take your SD card from the Switch and then put it into your PC. Then click on the following link: as it will take you to the download page of sys-ftpd-light on the Github site. Navigate under Assets and then on the first option to download the file.

2- Once the download completes, open the downloaded folder and copy all the folders in it. Then paste it into your SD card.

3- Now open the config folder on your SD card, go to sftpd folder and open the config file. You need to set your username and password. It is just for safety reasons, so no one logs into your switch sd card and accesses your files for the username. Also, change the value of anonymous to 1. Then press Ctrl+s to save the changes in the file.

After that, right-click on your SD card drive and select eject from the drop-down menu.


1- Now click on the link, and it will take you to the download page of WinSCP. Once you reach this page, click on the Download button.

2- Once the download completes, open the setup file and install this tool on your PC. After the installtion, open it up and click on New session on the left side of the screen. Then go back to your Switch and make sure that your Switch is on the same internet as your PC.

3- Then access the Homebrew menu by launching a game and holding the R button or going to the album by pressing Y. Once you’re in, you’ll find your ip address, which will be your hostname for the ftp server.

4- Afterward, go back to the login window and set the file protocol to FTP, then enter the hostname and the IP address you have seen on your Switch. Set the port number to 5000, and enter the username and password you set earlier. Then click on the Save button and set the site name to Switch. After that, click on the Login button at the bottom of the screen.

5- After this, it will bring you to your switch Sd card, and your home button on the controller will turn blue.
6- If it doesn’t connect, you can go back to your Switch and open up the tesla menu by pressing the l, d-pad down, and the right stick button. Then press A on sys modules and see if ftpd light is off. Press the A button and turn it ON. Now, your issue will be fixed.