Top Puzzle Games To Play During Quarantine

Puzzle games are very addictive, there are thousands of puzzle games on Google play store, most of them are of low quality, but there are some quality games that went unnoticed. We have done extensive research and curated this list of top puzzle games which will keep you busy during the quarantine.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Chemistry DockingAndroidFree
4×4 Solo Mini ChessAndroid$3.99
Pet SaversAndroidFree
Mr Bullet ManAndroidFree
Cats in the boxAndroid$1.99
VirtuGO VRAndroid$0.99
Trap Ball PlusAndroid$5.49
DuO 2Android$0.99
GRAPHZ PuzzlesAndroidFree
100² Logic GamesAndroidFree
Treasure GemsAndroidFree
Minesweeper GOAndroidFree
Topple TowersAndroid$1.99
Heart BoxAndroidFree
Panicking ColorsAndroid$2.99
Blue : Thinking outside the box brain it on puzzleAndroidFree
Paddocks Puzzle (Early Access)Android$1.99
Math IQ test + Brain TrainingAndroidFree
10×10 Blocks GameAndroid$1.49
Color CoderAndroid$0.99
Escape Game: Random RoomAndroidFree
Zoo PartyAndroidFree
Ego RigoAndroid$3.99
Flow Water Fountain 3DAndroidFree
Hungry Cat Picross Purrfect EditionAndroidFree

Chemistry Docking

Are you ready to take on this new challenge?! Try to match a big molecule (protein) with a small one (ligand / drug), like a jigsaw puzzle you need to orientate all the pieces of the two molecules to maximize the number of possible interactions. Like a key (drug) and a lock (protein), you need to create the just right key hole to use that special key and unlock the next level.

4×4 Solo Mini Chess

This is a solitaire variation game of Chess. You are presented with a 4×4 Chess board populated from a pool consisting of 9 pieces: 2 Rooks, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights, 1 Pawn, 1 Queen, and 1 King. You may populate the board with 2-8 pieces.

Pet Savers

Play Match-3 to build your farm and rescue kidnapped puppies, kittens and other pets! Unveil the story of brave Foxie saving his friends, solve puzzles & rebuild their worlds!

Mr Bullet Man

Are you ready to become a hero, a spy, a legend and Mr Bullet? Solving puzzle challenges, show off your great accuracy by phenomenally shooting your enemies. Use your brain in this unique and challenging spy puzzle game- only the smartest and quickest can solve all the puzzles! You will need more than just accuracy to make it through.

Cats in the box

With this puzzles adventures game, play with several kittens heroes whose character ranges go from the sweetest one to the madness one who knows no bounds … I mean does a normal kitten believes that his own brother has turned into potatoes chips?

VirtuGO VR

VirtuGO is a classic puzzle game reimagined for VR. Colored tiles come at you nonstop, and you must put them on your carrying platform and arrange them as best you can on a 5×5 grid.

Trap Ball Plus

In Trap Ball Plus you will go through stages filled with traps: You must escape from lasers, spikes, other balls chasing you, and many more things while you try to make it to the goal. Accept the challenge and test your skills!

DuO 2

DuO 2 – Directions is the second game in the DuO family. As its predecessor it is a logical game where your goal is to fill the board with pieces. There are clues on the board that help you by showing the number of same-colored neighbours. Each puzzle can be solved in a step-by-step manner, and you should never have to guess.

GRAPHZ Puzzles

GRAPHZ: Dots and Lines Puzzles – the most challenging new puzzle dots game on the store! A great pack of SIX brain games with 480 puzzling brain teasers to train your logic – ALL FREE!


Meet Pushy, a small, friendly character who wants to be in his home. Before he can get there, however, there is a puzzle to solve. You move Pushy step by step and, through trial and error, determine how the different elements of the puzzle operate, and what tasks need to be done. For example, Pushy must move obstacles and dump a red ball into a red hole. After completing all relevant tasks, move Pushy to his home. If you solved everything correctly, you will advance to the next level!

100² Logic Games

Can’t stand plain number grid puzzles ? Or actually, maybe you love them, but you’re looking for a change ? These puzzle games are a lot more entertaining and enjoyable, providing similar mental exercise. An ideal companion for spare time, with enough variety you’re sure to find at least one game you’ll love.

Treasure Gems

Treasure Gems is one of the most challenging puzzle games for all the family, with hundreds of fun levels that will keep you coming back for more!

Minesweeper GO

The objective of the minesweeper game is to demine minefield without detonating any of the land mines. Use flags to mark mines and tap numbers to open safe squares.


Solve matches puzzles by removing, adding and moving matches. Use all matches to find the right solution! Every matches puzzle level is different (shapes, sizes, modes …). They are carefully made and manually checked, so they are correct.

Topple Towers

Introducing Topple Towers. Manoeuvre your cannon around a series of increasingly complexed puzzle towers, blast any red blocks out of them while ensuring that the green ones stay put. Manipulate contraptions involving cogs, chains and other machinery. Marvel at a surprising use of a gyrocopter and utilise different materials such as ice , wood and steel to your advantage.

Heart Box

Professor Rat created Robby but gave him a weak battery, which is why our hero has to constantly recharge and participate in crazy experiments. Take the robot through all the experimental puzzle rooms of Professor Rat to release him from the charger!


Build molecules from atoms. Test your visual-spatial ability. Compete with players worldwide for a solution with the least number of steps. Learn fun facts about science with every level you complete.


ORBIT is a gravity simulator at the heart of a puzzle game. Launch planets with a flick of your finger, and try to get them into stable orbits around black holes.

Panicking Colors

Make the apropriate color mixes to avance through more than 100 awesome levels. Visit all the island scenarios , the beach, the jungle , fire and ice mountains, while your reasoning is put up to test on every challenging level.

Blue : Thinking outside the box brain it on puzzle

Move, click, tap, hold and Think to complete levels. EACH LEVEL HAVE UNIQUE LOGIC TO SOLVE, Which makes it more challenging and a great workout for your brain which awaits you to play. Play now test your smartness and prove that you can solve all puzzles. There are plenty of hints available that will guide you towards solutions.

Paddocks Puzzle (Early Access)

Paddocks is a new type of puzzle game that challenges your logical thinking. The app ships with 200 puzzles, and more will be generated as you play.

Math IQ test + Brain Training

Math IQ Test really test your mathematical skills. Math IQ Test contains several puzzle tests and speed tests and same time train your brain to solve mathematical formulas. Math IQ Test contains many different kind of math puzzle games which give you best brain training and fun time with math problems. All included mathematical IQ games and puzzles are great for adults, but easy enough for kids too.

10×10 Blocks Game

Put the blocks in the 10×10 grids. Make the blocks line horizontally or vertically and the lines will clear. Game will end when you don’t have enough space to put the blocks into 10×10 grids.

Color Coder

Color Coder is a fun pattern recognition game. When the game starts, a code is shown at the top of the screen. Find the code within the color grid, but remember: codes can only chain to cells sharing a side.

Escape Game: Random Room

It is a completely new type of escape game. The room is made of procedural generation, different escape game, you can play every time. It does not solve the mystery look at the different rooms since the capture site every time. All is whether you can escape will depend on your ability. Solve the hidden mystery, let’s escape from the room!

Zoo Party

Experience an innovative and unique match 2 game where you throw a party for the zoo animals. In this game you control all the animals at a zoo party and have to find your own way to match them. Relax while you find your own solution to these exploratory puzzles.

Ego Rigo

Go through the labyrinth as fast as possible to the finish without touching the edges of the circuit or the enemies. You will have to manage the rotation of your bar to pass between the different objects and narrow passages of the labyrinth.

Flow Water Fountain 3D

Train your mind, solve the different puzzles by making the water flow from its origin to the color fountains forming different waterfalls. Create water jets, water cascades, move the different blocks and stones, channels and pipes through the 3D board and get the water of each color to flow and find the way to your destination fountain.

Hungry Cat Picross Purrfect Edition

Simple rule: complete the grid accordingly with colors and discover the picture that hides beneath. Sounds easy? Not really! Each level is a real brain-teaser in which you will have to use logic and ingeniosity to complete larger paints. If you like to challenge your mind with Sudoku and Logigrams then this addictive game is definitely for you!


This a simple but challenging jigsaw puzzle game where the jigsaw pieces are coloured blocks. Block Puzzle offers virtually unlimited fun with over 3000 unique puzzles that have just one and only one solution. Use the hints if you get stuck anytime. Share your success with friends. Play in a relaxed mode or race against the clock!

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