Action games are extremely popular on mobile phones, they are one of the most played games, sometimes it gets difficult to find a high-quality action game other than some popular games, that is why we have curated this list of hidden gems, these games are very addictive and will keep you busy for a while.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Dreamy Snakes: Monster BrawliOSFree
Flappy Freaks-sport flap gameiOSFree
Face Racer – no hands!iOSFree
Elda – Saves The WorldiOSFree
Aqua DragonsiOSFree
MySpinner – Controlled by phone’s accelerometeriOSFree
Color DivideiOSFree
Beefo Black SplashiOSFree
Goal BlitziOSFree
Devil Fighter Dragon XiOSFree
Mystical MysfitsiOSFree
Jolly BatiOSFree
Slime Smasher EX: Non-stop Bubble Popping Game!iOSFree
Flying Eagle GameiOS$2.99
Undead CateringiOSFree
Atrophy – A Dark Action RPGiOSFree
Reality Quest GenevaiOSFree
React RPGiOSFree

Dreamy Snakes: Monster Brawl

Dreamy Snakes is an action packed arcade style game! Playing as a magical snake, you battle monsters, overcome challenges and defeat bosses. Unlock and upgrade new snakes and powerups to tame these monsters. Watch out for lightning storms. Beware of the red dragon boss.

Flappy Freaks-sport flap game

Fans of the famous game now made it an extreme sport!. tap to flap your wings. avoid the different pipe obstacles. beat your record. collect wings to unlock weird bird stuff.

Face Racer – no hands!

With a TrueDepth camera, we read your lips, eyes and head to control your race car. Without one use touch controls to join the fun. The more you smile, the faster you go forward. Pucker in a kiss to reverse. Tilt your head left or right to turn. Blink your eyes to change driving view from behind your racecar to an overhead view.

Elda – Saves The World

When you walk around you light up the ground and give life to flowers. You need to get to end of the level where you have your skateboard so you can keep moving to the next area. You have the ability to dash forward and use magical items to get past your obstacles!

Aqua Dragons

Dragons are real! And they live in an underwater cave system! Come and explore the world of the AQUA DRAGONS! They need your help! In this story-rich game you will nurture and grow your very own Aqua Dragons. And you will take them on adventures!

MySpinner – Controlled by phone’s accelerometer

MySpinner is a virtual fidget spinner controlled by your phone’s accelerometer. Just move, tilt and rotate your phone to increase or decrease the speed your fidget spins! It’s so cool!

Color Divide

Intuitive input is used in this game, only taps are used in order to split the color, if your color matches, otherwise you loose.


Light illuminates our way through life and the lightwaves make us shine. “Funzel” is a weak and tender light which is in danger to extinguish quickly and you have to protect it. Collect light energy and make sure the gentle flicker does not go out.

Beefo Black Splash

Beefo is a classic platform game that combines old school gameplay with modern playability. One day, Beefo finds a power stone and captured it, however the stone does not affiliate a master. The force captured the buffo and can not ne prevented to destroying of Butcherland ruthlessly. But the circumstance suddenly got out of hand. All creatures he created rebelled against him. Beefo was forced to run away. This is the story of that escape.

Goal Blitz

It’s time to show the world your skills in this non stop action shooter football game. Navigate through different obstacles and make your way to the top like a true soccer pro!


Color’em is 3D running game where you have to run and shoot paint to complete levels. Unlock new power ups as you progress in this fun filled running and coloring game.

Devil Fighter Dragon X

In game Devil Fighter Dragon X you will choose one in five characters, each character have a collection of super skills. Each skill will have the different power and damage, the player need to combine them to have the best fighting effect.

Mystical Mysfits

Choose a character with special magical powers to battle the onslaught of monsters throughout the realm. Magic. Lots of magic. Each Chibi character has its own set of characteristic magic to battle the monsters.


Control the marble jumping from platform to platform towards the teleport while avoiding spikes and trying not to fall off the edge. Tapping the screen while in the air will boost you in the direction you are steering to allow you to jump further and reach the more distant platforms.

Jolly Bat

Jolly Bat is a simple 2d game where your main goal is to fly your bat safely to the finish line. Doing so won’t be easy since, throughout the journey, there will be many obstacles in your way. Spiders, road signs, vehicles, rocks, trees, birds and even running boars.

Slime Smasher EX: Non-stop Bubble Popping Game!

It’s a casual and simple game for everyone! Just TAP and use the super magic to easily SMASH the uncontrolled Slime Army!

Flying Eagle Game

A new offline kind of Running game with a lot of new maps and features, collect coins, and buy new Features and levels. Play with friends, enjoy playing with friends and family, share your achievements with the world

Undead Catering

Zombies from every direction will come towards your food truck demanding food until they are satisfied…or else your life depends on it! Use your cooking abilities to make burgers, fries, and drinks for the hungry undead.

Atrophy – A Dark Action RPG

Nothing will prepare you to fight through the paradoxically claustrophobic open world in this difficult action rpg. Using a simple combat system, you must frantically battle your way through a hostile labyrinth in which you are almost certainly destined to fail.

Reality Quest Geneva

An ancient artefact was discovered during excavations under the cathedral. Your archaeologist friend Carles needs your expertise to discover the secret it hides. A mysterious brotherhood, the Guardians of the Light, seems linked to this mysterious object.

React RPG

React RPG is a turn-based, dungeon crawler. Comes with two game modes: Story and Endless. Story mode will lead you through a short story while introducing you to the most powerful creatures. In Endless mode, a unique challenge waits around every corner, as no two maps are the same.

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