Casual games are extremely addictive but you don’t have to commit hundreds of hours to them, you can play them on the go, that is why casual games are extremely popular, mostly casual games are free on IOS but there are some games that have in app purchase options to unlock rounds and characters etc. We have curated a list of underrated casual games that will keep you busy for a while.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Aqua Rush 3DiOSFree
Never Have You EveriOSFree
Bob BoxiOSFree
Drop: Ball GameiOSFree
Space Mission – Evade or DieiOSFree
Burst BallsiOSFree
Speedy Math – Puzzle GameiOSFree
Cloudy Hop HopiOSFree
Four FactorsiOSFree
Cutting Game : 51% or 1 sliceiOSFree
Atomic LumeniOSFree
Pedal,Gas,Clutch! – Car ChaseiOSFree
Brainify – Brain training gameiOSFree
Flying DinneriOSFree
Match2: A Matching GameiOS$0.99
Jello BalloiOSFree
Soccer People – Football GameiOSFree
Hungry Dot – Feed it!iOSFree
Barrel Bros.iOSFree
Road PuzzlesiOSFree
Alpine Skiing ChamionshipiOSFree
Gangnam MasteriOSFree
Deadstar: The GameiOSFree

Aqua Rush 3D

Numerous popular 2020 songs to choose from. Aqua Rush. Huge song playlist to choose. Weekly updated new contents. Easy to play with simple controlling. Spectacular music game experiences. Play with rhythm and music. Unique gameplay and relaxation experience

Never Have You Ever

Welcome to the first Never Have You Ever Social Network on iOS! From the creators of the first and biggest Would You Rather network on iOS. Share your past experiences and see what other people came across by answering witty Never Have You Ever questions that will turn heads around. Submit your own questions and see how the community responds. Answer and compose the most questions to become #1 in the leaderboards! The Never app has a huge amount of questions, and more questions are added every day. Have a good laugh with this application and join the Never Have You Ever community!

Bob Box

You control Bob, a simple guy who enjoys bouncing from one side to another on his little world. But dangers inhabit this place and you must use your skills to help him avoid getting hurt.

Drop: Ball Game

Tap to match the colours and reach the next level. But watch out, as the levels increase so does the speed! And if you make it to level 10 you might be going in a whole new direction…

Space Mission – Evade or Die

Prove your space piloting abilities in the dangerous, challenging asteroid belt. Beat the clock in a timed speed run to show you have superior reflexes and intuition. Challenge your friends by sharing your success. Be the better pilot, and show them!


The classic table tennis pong game reimagined for iOS! The game features a career mode with 12 levels of increasing difficulty, high score leaderboards, and a free play mode. The free play mode allows for both one-player and two-player games so that friends can also join in on the fun. Play now and see if you have the chops to reach the end of the game!

Burst Balls

Shoot and destroy all bouncing balls. Shoot chains to destroy balls and bricks. Balls destroyed will split into two smaller balls. The smallest ball destroyed will vanish. Destroy all balls to win.


You’re a director of a magnetic experiment. Some nucleons are kept inside the experimental area by magnetic fields. But sometimes the energy level goes over the limit, and these nucleons are running away. Hurry up! Catch the lightnings to prevent nucleons from leaving the experimental area!


CAT & BOX is a new and challenging arcade game. Help the cat go down as deep as possible in the bottomless box. With an all new innovative one finger steering you will guide the cat through a challenging level meanwhile the cat falls faster and faster.

Speedy Math – Puzzle Game

What is your IQ level? Blow your mind with Brain Your Math and show to your friends that you are not completely stupid! Make your free time more productive, fun and interesting with different puzzles and different levels of complexities with Brain Your Math.

Gangnam Master

This is Gangnam Master! Now YOU control the singing of this popular song.

Four Factors

Four Factors is an addicting, fast-paced logic game. Create patterns of numbers and z-z-zap your way out of trouble before the grid fills up. Carefully plan your moves to create winning strategies. Every tap counts! Four Factors is a hybrid application made with web languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Cutting Game : 51% or 1 slice

Ball shaped red alien needs your help. He is lost in our planet and doesn’t know how to go back. He can’t even run or jump, because he does not have legs or arms. He can’t go home without your help.


It is morning in the meadow. Wildflowers dance in the summer breeze. Ladybugs meander from blossom to blossom in search of a meal. And then the silence is broken by one small *TAP*.

Atomic Lumen

Touch the orbiting spheres but be careful to choose the ones of the same color as the core, different colors spheres will turn off the nucleus. Touch the right color spheres, accumulate the necessary points to pass levels. As time goes by the core becomes dark, it’s up to you to bring to a shining red! Black and white spheres are bonus, use it when you need!

Pedal,Gas,Clutch! – Car Chase

“Pedal, Gas, Clutch!” is a 3D isometric arcade car chase simulator set in a colorful world, where money is everything and cops will chase you for it! Explore colored levels in varied locations, run from cops in action-packed high speed chases, collect as much cash as you can. The more you survive, the more you’re wanted by the police! Escape is not an option, there’s money to collect all over the world.

Brainify – Brain training game

Brainify is a game for your mind with four categories that will help get your brain thinking: speech training, focus, visual attention and maths.


Cowtapult is an easy to get into, fun and exciting game for people of all ages. Send your cow flying through dozens of levels with loads of different objectives to complete. Shoot your cow through the ring of fire, knock birds out of the sky, pop balloons, collect stars and much more!

Flying Dinner

Flying dinner is an arcade-style, pixel art, casual, endless game. Catch items flying over the screen and put them into the pot. The more the better. How many points can you earn?

Match2: A Matching Game

Match2 is a matching game. Simply touch any object on the screen to reveal the object behind it. Memorize it and is’s location and then try to match it. Ten different levels that increase a bit in difficultly as you level up. Family friendly content. No adds or in-app purchases.

Jello Ballo

Use your finger to draw a path around Jello, protecting it from incoming hazards and foes. However, too much contact with your forged paths will heat Jello up. Remember: hot jelly tastes very bad! Draw your paths wisely!


Can you contain the flood? Try it in this addictive game that will have you trapped to the end!

Soccer People – Football Game

It is a soccer game featuring intuitive operation method unique to touch screen! It is also possible to move two players simultaneously.

Hungry Dot – Feed it!

With all the food flying towards the hungry dot, you must act quickly to feed it the right color. Tap the large center dot to make it switch colors to match the smaller food dots moving towards it. If your hungry dot doesn’t match the color of the food dot, you lose.

Barrel Bros.

Barrel Bros. is an easy to play arcade game where the aim is to stop the explosive barrels as they fall down the screen before they reach the precious gold at the bottom. There are a number of unique barrel types that are thrown by the bros, each with special properties such as smoke screening and ice freezing power.

Road Puzzles

Solve puzzles along the way to the parking spot. Interact with gates, portals, turnstiles, car washes, steamrollers, and trains. Exercise your brain to find the optimal path to the parking spot in the minimum number of moves. Collect up to 7 cars to park in your garage. Can you solve all 200 levels?

Alpine Skiing Chamionship

Alpine skiing championship gives you opportunity to become a true skiing champion. Be the fastest on track, set the best times and compete with your friends and other skiers around the world.

Cloudy Hop Hop

Jump on colourful tiles and say Hop! Collect gems, unlock new unique balls, change platforms and jump around sky. Beat 18 new awesome jumping challenges.


Can you avoid the inevitable? Keep it rollin on the infinite column as long as you can.

Deadstar: The Game

Play as Smokepurpp, listen to tracks, collect cash and avoid the gucci ghosts.

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