Family is the most precious thing that one can have in life, there are different ways to make your bond even stronger with your family and one way is to play games with them, thanks to the technological advancements that we can now play games on our cell phones, we have curated a list of some underrated family games that will help you in making your bond even stronger.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Go Get Gubbins!iOSFree
Family Travel FuniOSFree
Multiplication AskungeiOSFree
123 Dots: Basic skills gameiOSFree
Stav LetiOSFree
Rattle – Learning gameiOSFree
Daily Monster® MessagesiOSFree
The Twelve Days of ChristmasiOS$0.99
Surprise Eggs!iOSFree
Booboo Learn and PlayiOSFree
Mathy Bird (Math – Game)iOSFree
Sing On – match-3 gameiOSFree
Panda Addie – Play & LearniOSFree
HAMARU Flash mental arithmetic and 100 more calculated calculationiOSFree
Animal KIDS: Learning PuzzleiOSFree
Earth Puzzle – a spherical puzzle game in 3DiOSFree
Tino the Triangle – PeekabooiOSFree
Interstate BingoiOSFree
Farm Animals Puzzles LiteiOSFree
Baby KaraokeiOSFree
Don-Key-Ko! : Are you smarter than a Gorilla?iOSFree
ABA: Games, Music and FuniOSFree
Miaomiao’s Fun with ColorsiOS$2.99
The Thief of Wishes LiteiOSFree
Piccoli PalsiOSFree
LuBeLe: Animal Sounds & NamesiOSFree
Charades PartyiOSFree
King of Math: Telling TimeiOS$1.99

Go Get Gubbins!

Go Get Gubbins isn’t a traditional video game; it is an app used for playing a real world game of hide-and-seek with your friends. Build your gubbins, hide your device, and challenge your friends to find your to find your gubbins. Then have them hide your device and see if you can find your gubbins faster.

Family Travel Fun

Going on a trip? Play the license plate or sign game to help time pass. As you see a license plate from a state or a sign, mark it as found. Try to find all the states or all the signs.

Multiplication Askunge

Improve yore math skills in mental arithmetics multiplication! You will always practice at the right level. If you are quick and answer right, you will reach a higher level quickly. The numbers of levels are unlimited! This app is suitable for all ages.

123 Dots: Basic skills game

The game includes more than 100 educational activities for your child to learn while having fun. 123 Dots also helps children develop important basic skills such as creativity, basic skills, attention span and memory.

Stav Let

Your child will quickly find out that a word needs to be spelled in a certain order. It also finds out that each letter has its own sound and that the pronunciation depends on which word it is included in.

Rattle – Learning game

Rattle – is an educational game for babies, where children can develop memory, fine motor skills, get acquainted with real animals and their sounds.

Daily Monster® Messages

The only thing more fun than making monsters is making Daily Monsters® together with your friends! This new iMessage app version of the award-winning Daily Monster® Monster Maker app by acclaimed illustrator Stefan G. Bucher lets you build your own monsters from a library of hundreds of free parts and edit them together with your friends “exquisite corpse” style right in your text interface! (They don’t even need to have the app installed to receive your characters!)

The Twelve Days of Christmas

In this game, you can find all the presents that are given in the popular Christmas song “The Twelve days of Christmas”. In addition, you get a sticker pack for iMessage with all the objects to boot! Give away the twelve presents this season to your own true love via iMessage.

Surprise Eggs!

Surprise Eggs is all about opening eggs and finding the toys inside. Surprise Eggs is perfect if you have a baby!

Booboo Learn and Play

Looking for a simple app to introduce kids to different languages? Try Booboo play. The basic premise is children will identify, interact, and add objects such as animals on screen by swiping, touching, and pinching. With each object, sound translations are available for different languages. Booboo play’s simple interface aids in kids practicing learning language in a matter of minutes. Each theme & collection of objects is translated into as many as 4 languages. There’s two finger pinch for resizing of objects on screen and you can change to a different language of choice at any time. Start by choosing a character, then a theme, and finally touch and drag items on to the theme’s canvas. Share the work with friends and family from your device’s album (photos).


Fluttabyes is a bright, cheerful, and fun take on a “Match 3” game. Easy to pick up and play, and thoroughly addictive! Your aim is to help the butterflies fly away by matching 4 or more of the same colour. Earn score multipliers by creating matches very quickly. If you match more than 6 butterflies you will earn a ladybird. If you match more than 9 butterflies, you will earn the magical rainbow butterfly!

Mathy Bird (Math – Game)

Mathy Bird offers you exciting levels and worlds in which you can prove your mental calculation skills in a variety of arithmetic problems. Unlock new characters and use highscores to measure yourself against your friends and other games around the world.

Sing On – match-3 game

“Welcome to the vocal talent contest! This show is going to be the best … Oops! But there are just few spectators in the hall and our producer has disappeared somewhere … There won’t be any perform without spectators! Where to find them? At the disco of course! You are our last hope!!

Panda Addie – Play & Learn

This game combines learning with fun and are created for the youngest crowd. It comes with 12 various games that are designed to develop toddlers fine motor skills, enhance creativity and introduce logical thinking.

HAMARU Flash mental arithmetic and 100 more calculated calculation

Your math calculation skills improve before you even know it. This happens while you solve problems. just to see the beautiful visual effects. It’s an innovative game that makes calculation fun.

Animal KIDS: Learning Puzzle

Welcome to the Animal KIDS: Learning Puzzle. Here your child can learn how to compare different shapes! Explore a collection of animals, choose the one and start collecting pieces! Instead of boring boxes your child can match the pieces of animals, interior objects, toys, balls, books and more! With exciting music and sound, juicy objects and animal your kid can learn and play without a break!

Earth Puzzle – a spherical puzzle game in 3D

Several difficulties are available from the easy and fun puzzles to some much more challenging ones (where some parts are linked with some others). The young players and the more expert ones will both be satisfied.

Tino the Triangle – Peekaboo

Tino’s adventures tell of a fun-filled journey, meeting animals, shapes, colors and sounds along the way. Specially developed for little ones, this app is a unique combination of story-telling and a funny peekaboo game designed to foster creativity and make the learning experience enjoyable.

Interstate Bingo

Going on a road trip soon? Don’t forget to pack Interstate Bingo for the ride. Children and adults alike will love looking for these most unique roadside items. Try to find a cell tower, a cow or spot the rare RV pulling a car.


The Afrycanimals app has 12 animals, each one with 5 jigsaws of different levels and a quiz. There’s also a gallery where you can view each of the twelve animals in full screen, close up detail.

Farm Animals Puzzles Lite

Trains the fine motor skills: No automatic placement, so the child has to make a conscious decision where to put the piece. This makes every puzzle a (small) challenge. After a successful puzzle, the child can create a rain of snowflakes by tipping on them!

Baby Karaoke

An animated karaoke styled game that enables the user to sing along with their child to well known songs and nursery rhymes.

Don-Key-Ko! : Are you smarter than a Gorilla?

Train with Sensei Underpants and Sensei Harambe at the Thinker Dojo to develop your Critical and Strategic Thinking Skills. Combining elements from tic-tac-toe and chess, Don-Key-Ko! Are you smarter than a gorilla?, is a simple, unique, easy to learn, fun game for kids of all ages (adults included) from Internet Donkey Inc. Looks so easy to win, but watch out the Gorillas have a few tricks up their sleeves. Like tic-tac-toe, the game is intense, but short in duration. Like chess, the game uses chess pieces, chess moves and you can capture an opponent’s piece.

ABA: Games, Music and Fun

Abá is a pineapple prince who plays guitar in a band with his friends Juca, the keyboardist cashew and Ana, the banana drummer. HAVE FUN WITH THEM IN THE KINGDOM OF FRUITS PLAYING WITH COLORS AND LOTS OF MUSIC!

Miaomiao’s Fun with Colors

Fun with Colors invites kids to explore 6 color scenes represented by unique environments and cute critters that children can play with over and over again. Preschoolers get a taste of Mandarin language by listening to and repeating new vocabulary in color-themed undersea activities.

The Thief of Wishes Lite

The Thief of Wishes is an interactive book which will take you again into a fairy tale world – where “…and they lived happily ever after” is only one of many possible endings and nothing is as simple as it looks.

Piccoli Pals

Piccoli Pals is designed for children 2-6 years old to develop and practice pronouncing words and short phrases in foreign languages. Our goal is to get children to enjoy other languages in a playful, fun way by encouraging them to move their whole bodies through physical activities, including jumping, skipping, crawling, etc. Our educational language development apps use tangible objects to encourage children to stay connected to their present environment. You and your child work together to learn little words in different languages.

LuBeLe: Animal Sounds & Names

As a father of three, I built the LuBeLe Animals App for other parents with our children’s privacy in mind. Babies, infants, toddlers, and preschoolers will learn the names of 120 animals through beautiful illustrations, fun animations, and sound effects.


Choose one of the predefined pictures, create your own picture from the photo gallery or make a new picture and solve the puzzle generated from it.

Charades Party

Charades Party is fun, simple and fast party game. Act, show, imitate or hum to make your friends guess the correct word.

King of Math: Telling Time

This app contains 26 different exercises on analog and digital clock. The child gets to practice both reading the clock and setting the time. The difficulty of the exercises is gradually increased, starting with whole hours and continuing with half hours, quarter hours and so on. For each exercise, the questions are randomized which make them suitable for repetition.

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