Underrated Sports Games To Play On IOS

Sports related games are very popular among gamers and it is one of the most played Genre on cell phones, there are hundreds of games for almost every sport out there. Some of the games have very realistic graphics while other games lack in quality, but there are some hidden gems out there that deserve more attention, in this post we have compiled a list of some outstanding sports related games that help you to kill some time and you’ll be addicted to them.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Wolf the Golf GameiOS$9.99
Pocket GM 20 – FootballiOS$0.99
Nip And Tuck 3DiOSFree
Fan FaceoffiOSFree
Football Wizard Fantasy SocceriOSFree
Soccer Player: Arcade QuiziOSFree
Colombian YewiOSFree
Hoop ARiOSFree
Vig it: Sports Betting, USAiOSFree
Soccer Quiz 2016/17iOSFree
Knockout bowlingiOSFree
Football Fieber 2020iOSFree
Alpine ArenaiOSFree
Fairy ChessiOSFree
SHOT PAD – Pool and Pocket Billiards NotepadiOSFree
Smash SocceriOSFree
Speed Soccer – CasualiOSFree
Daily Pick’emiOSFree


You can create a fantasy league from any of the shows we provide on the app. Each show has its own scoring categories that you can use to customize the league to your own liking. Show scores will be updated 24-48 hours after the end of each episode.

Wolf the Golf Game

Welcome to the Wolf Hammer Game. The game handles many of the nuances of the Wolf Hammer Game with variable options during the setup and playing of the game. The game handles from 4 to 7 players. The game also allows you to optionally play a side game of swing or trash for selective players.

Pocket GM 20 – Football

Pocket GM gives you the opportunity to run your very own American Football franchise. You take control of everything from hiring your Staff, managing your Roster, making Trades and Drafting new talent. Once you’ve done your job, sit back and watch each game play out on Gameday.

Nip And Tuck 3D

Act while you move! Swipe to collect teammates, evade moving obstacles together and neutralize the opponent in this snackable excitement of competition. Enjoy head-to-head American Football at your fingertips. Run, clash, win!

Fan Faceoff

Welcome to the Official Fan Faceoff app of the New York Islanders! Stay connected with other fans, call the next play, climb leaderboards and win free stuff.

Football Wizard Fantasy Soccer

Football Wizard is changing the way we watch LIVE football by allowing you to interact with the match in real time by making live predictions, winning or losing wizos as you watch the game. FW gamifies the experience of watching soccer and tests your knowledge of the game while you compete with your friends and fans around the world. Predictions are based on real odds, which are updated play by play!

Soccer Player: Arcade Quiz

Addictive & fun football player quiz with awesome arcade gameplay! Challenge your football skills by guessing these incredible soccer players from around the world.

Colombian Yew

Select your favorite typical character and play the traditional Colombian game of Tejo!


DOT is a mobile app game – played in the physical world! The world is your game board and you are a dot moving around. DOT is not played as any other mobile game, but is played in real life! The game technology is based on GPS information from your mobile phone and as a DOT player, you have to move around physically to be part of the game.


Some time ago, a couple of guys were talking about the celebrity culture in today’s football. Glamour, journalists, VIP stadium seats, corporate stadium seats, pay-per-view matches and so on. The last thing that matters in this modern football is…fans. These guys, though, believe fans are the essence of football, the purest part in a well-oiled, multi-billion dollar industry. This is why we created GOOL, we wanted something that put fans in the center of attention, jokingly calling our beloved App Fanocentric (should we trademark this?).

Hoop AR

Hoop AR is an augmented reality game where you can shoot basketballs into hoops. There are two different game modes: one where you can place the basket and the other where the basket randomly spawns near you. In each game mode you have to race against the clock to create new high scores which you can share with your friends in a leaderboard.

Vig it: Sports Betting, USA

Share Betting Tips & Trends with your Friends to Beat the Sportsbooks & Earn Money Right from your Phone. Find & Compare the Best Odds & Lines from Legal Sportsbooks in your State to get the Lowest Pricing for All your Bets in One Convenient Location.


FightPicks is completely free to play. FightPicks hosts fantasy MMA contests the most popular combat sports organizations including the UFC, Bellator, ONE Championship, RIZIN, PFL, and Invicta FC. Submit your fight predictions for your favorite organizations here.

Soccer Quiz 2016/17

Check your knowledge of soccer players and soccer clubs in the 2016/17 season. Who is this player? What country is he from? In what club does he play? What country he represents?

Knockout bowling

Knockout Bowling is bowling like never before. Set in three new and exciting scenarios with a choice of bottles or bowling pins to knock out and with a unique scoring system, this game is guaranteed to give you hours of bowling fun.

Football Fieber 2020

The 2017/18 season brings huge innovations for us. From now on, you always have the latest interim status with FOOTBALL FIEBER. You’ll also find details on the running games: Goals, Yellow / Red cards and comments. If you participate in our prediction game with your friends, we will calculate live the current intermediate. And FOOTBALL FIEBER goes far beyond Premier League: You can also watch the Champions League, Spanish Primera Division or German Bundesliga with us.

Alpine Arena

Alpine Arena is a skiing simulation where you can build your own tracks and share them with other players. Participate in official cups to win new items or create your own competitions to challenge your friends!

Fairy Chess

Fairy Chess is a new version of chess with new rules, new pieces and even a new chessboard. You can create your own initial position and play against the computer or the boss. To unlock more pieces you have to beat the boss and reach new boss levels. If you reach a new level by winning enough games you will be able to add more pieces to your initial position.

SHOT PAD – Pool and Pocket Billiards Notepad

The SHOT PAD was created for the pool player looking to make better use of practice time. Create practice drills and use with pool instruction for pool games such as 8ball, 9ball, one pocket, and straight pool.

Smash Soccer

Ready to get started in Smash Soccer? This game immerses you in online table football duels where every move is possible to win. Collect more than 25 different pucks, all of which have a specific power to differentiate you from your opponent. Evolve your pucks and make the best team to move from league to league and access new fields. Challenge your friends online or simply play offline on the same device and show who is the best. So don’t wait any longer and smash everything on the field in Smash Soccer.

Speed Soccer – Casual

This is a fun, addictive soccer game where all you do is click! Try to score as many goals as you can, but be careful, the game gets harder as time goes on! Compare scores with your friends and be the best Quick Clicker!

Daily Pick’em

Every day Daily Pick’em curate a select number of sporting events for its users to follow. All you need to do is predict the winner in the selected events to streak and stack up reward points! Get your prize when your streak matches a milestone to redeem for a prize. It’s always completely free so there’s never any risk to play.


Dart Trainer will help you improve your dart throwing skills. You can train on all numbers of a traditional dart board. Fully customizable for what numbers to train. All throws are logged. Statistical view of all your throws. The statics can be exported as a csv file.

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