Under The Radar Games That You Should Play!

Thousands of new games are launched every day in the Google Play store, with so many games released, some of them are extraordinary but most of them are quite boring, it’s more like quantity over quality.  Sometimes it gets difficult to select the best possible app, especially when you’re willing to spend money on paid apps. Hidden gems get lost and they don’t get the love that they deserve. In this list we have found some hidden gems that will keep you busy for quite some time.

Earz Solo Football Drama
Lucky Loop Solitaire 3D Classic Klondike+
Solar Settlers Mau Mau
Deep Chess – Chess Partner Cribbage Forever
Gamer’s Army Knife Pro Super Soccer Champs 2020
Chess Coach Pro Sight Words
Spore Cubes Solitaire Collection Premium
Age of Rivals Quadropoly Pro
Rocket Mouse Pixel Soldiers
ReversiLab E.G. Chess
Puluc: Mayan running-fight board Bowls : Short Mat Bowls
Cats Casino Video Slots Voxel Fly VR
Become Emperor Five Dragons slots
Anxiety of Alina Help Me Escape!
Keno Empire Tambola – Play Free & Win Real Prizes
Kids Math Learning Chemistry & Physics simulations

Solar Settlers

Solar settler is a card driven game in which the future of the world has been shown. Our sun is about to destroy and humans are going to build new homes on other planets. You take ownership of the spaceship. You have to make the new planets secure for living. Technology cards and other people will awake from a long lasting sleep.

Price: $3.99

Become Emperor

In Become Emperor, you will act as heir of the king and run all the management. You have to turn a small and ancient kingdom into a Fore forth kingdom. Build new buildings, houses and markets and start trading with the foreign countries.

Price: $1.49

Anxiety of Alina

In this game you have to protect Alina from horror shadows. They will disappear if you spit the light of torch on them. You have to get rid of them. You are the decision maker that will  reach the thoughts of Alina. This is a single player game.

Price: $1.99

Lucky Loop

Lucky loop is a gift winning game where you can earn the gifts by just rotating the wheel. You will get free wheels everyday or you can buy them as well.

Price: Free

Cats Casino Video Slots

Cats Casino Video Slots is a Las Vegas Casino game. You can enjoy the charm of Casino whenever you want with the best sound effects and ultimate graphics. You can enjoy the bet of $5000 and you will get this back in return.

Price: Free

Deep Chess – Chess Partner

Deep Chess – Chess Partner is one of the best chess games on google play store. It has all the rules and regulations of chess. A good player can reach the upper levels of the game and can enhance his chess strategies.

Price: $3.49

Gamer’s Army Knife Pro

Gamer’s Army Knife Pro is a Swiss Army Knife and party game. It has dice roller, spinner and coin flipper games. There are different options of dice color and dice number. It does have the wester style dice and Eastern style dice.

Price: $3.49

Chess Coach Pro

Chess Coach Pro can help you to become a good chess player. You can challenge yourself by setting up the difficulty level manually. You can play with Artificial intelligence or with your friend sitting right next to you as well.

Price: $2.99

Earz Solo

Earz solo is a music game in which you can learn the music and can also train yourself how to play a music instrument. You can learn to play instruments by sitting in your home.

This app is useful for all kinds of music.

Price: $4.49

Spore Cubes

Spore cubes game consists of cubes of different colors. You have to place cubes of the same color on one another to finish the game. It’s a very easy and interesting game which you will play quite oftenly.

Price: $1.49

Rocket Mouse

Rocket mouse is a fun game. In the game rocket mouse and his friends will build a rocket, they will air the balloons and solve some puzzles. They will do all these things to arrange a big party.

Price: $1.99

Sight Words

Sight words is a learning game for children where they can learn the sight words in preschool age.

Sight words are those which we use oftenly in our daily routine. Children will learn the spellings of sight words as well which will help them once they get to the school.

Price: $2.99

Age of Rivals

Age of rivals is a warhead based game. You can play as a single player or multiplayer as well.

Games can be played in online and offline modes. In Age of rivals, Players have to fight for their kingdom.

The one who will win will be the king.

Price: $3.99


ReversiLab is a board game which can be played between two players. There are pieces of two colors (black and white ). One player owns the white color and the other owns the black. Then the players place their pieces on board and try to kill the opponent’s pieces. The one with more pieces will win the game.

Price: $2.49

Puluc: Mayan running-fight board game

Puluc (also Bul, Buul or Boolik) is an ancient Mayan running-fight board game.
Initially the game had ritual significance. Mayan played Puluc the night before the sowing of maize.
The game was designed to give strength to revive grains.

Price: $0.99

Mau Mau

Mau Mau is a card game which is being played by two or four players. It’s up to you whether you want to play with two or four players. Every player will have cards in his hand and some cards are placed on the table. You can use the card of your choice. Players can’t see the other cards. Everyone has to use all the cards in their hand.

Price: $1.49

Cribbage Forever

Cribbage Forever is a card game based on the basic rules of cards. This is a 3D game, you can enjoy it’s 3D graphics. It has to be played between two players.  Whenever you flip a card, it will rotate in 3 dimensions which will enhance the beauty of the game.

Price: $1.49 

Solitaire 3D Classic Klondike+

Solitaire 3D Classic Klondike+ is the best Solitaire 3D game. You can save your score cloud on google+ game service. It is a very user friendly game with excellent graphics. You can undo or redo the game history by just one touch. Solitaire 3D Classic can be played in normal mode and Vegas mode.

Price: $2.49

Solitaire Collection Premium

Solitaire 3D Classic is a collection of Solitaire games. This is a collection of 90 games. You can play the game of your liking. Solitaire 3D Classic has scorecards, undo and redo, sound effects, auto-play, timer and different decks. It can be played on both phones and tablets.

Price: $1.95

Quadropoly Pro

Quadropoly Pro is a trading game, which can be played with human or AI. The benefit of playing against AI instead of humans is that the AI will not leave the game if you keep on winning. You will learn trading, business and negotiations by playing against AI.It doesn’ have the the redo option. Every dice will be considered the last dice.

Price: $14.99

E.G. Chess

E.G. Chess is the first 3D chess game to be there on google app store. You can play with your computer or your friend.  E.G. Chess has four types of chess boards (classic, stone, wood, marble ). There are no ads in this game. You can enhance your chess skills by playing E.G. Chess.

Price: $0.99

Football Drama

Football Drama is a football team management based game. President Boris Aluminovitch appoints Rocco Galliano for one more time as a coach. Will his luck will reflect on the fate of the team? Or he’s still stuck in his past?

Football Drama is based on choices in life. If the team doesn’t perform well in the 18 weeks league, you will be fired.

Price: $2.49

Super Soccer Champs

Super Soccer Champs is a players management based game. Manager will take the ownership of the team, will work to enhance the skills and improve the fitness of players. Manager will also be responsible for the selection of the team.  If the team performs well in the leagues, managers may get job offers from other clubs.

Price: $3.99

Pixel Soldiers

Pixel soldier is one of the best warhead games. You will have to select British, French or persian army as Napoleon general to fight the Waterloo war. You have to lead this troop of army. You can make your army base behind the trees or mountains to fight against enemies.

Price: $2.49


Bowls : Short Mat Bowls is a 2D game in which two players are located on the right and left side of the playing fields. There is a mark right at the center of the field. The player who will drop his bowl close to that mark will earn points. Bowls : Short Mat Bowls can be played in different modes (Single Player, Local Multiplayer, Online multiplayer and Challenge Mode).

Price: $0.99

Voxel Fly VR

Voxel Fly VR is a Daydream headset version game. This can only be played if you have a Daydream headset. In Voxel Fly VR, you either have to survive or destroy the enemies coming in your direction.

Price: $1.99

Five Dragons slots

Five Dragons slots is a  slot machine game. You can earn the gifts and jackpots by clicking on the slots. There is no need for the internet, Five Dragons slots can be played offline. You can also win the jackpots

with the free spins.

Price: Free

Help Me Escape!

Help Me Escape! The Puzzle Maker’s Office is the first game in “Virtual Text Message Escape Room Adventures” series. In the game, you are locked in a strange room. You will be given some clues by text messages or phone calls.  You have to get out of this room by making a puzzles from these clues.
Price: $0.99

Kids Math Learning

Kids Math Learning game is designed for children to learn the basic functions of mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Children can learn number counting as well. You can easily teach the basic concepts of mathematics with the help of Kids Math Learning.
Price: Free

Keno Empire

Keno Empire is a lottery-type gambling game which is being played in casinos. This is the best android gambling game. After the success on facebook, they have made three new versions for android devices. This is a “free to play ” game.
Price: Free

Tambola – Play Free & Win Real Prizes

Tamblo is a famous indoor game, in which you can win real prizes as well. Tamblo has two modes  (Regular or Events). In regular mode, you can win prizes within the game but in Events mode you can win real prizes like movies or shopping vouchers. You can earn 10000 points daily.
Price: Free

Chemistry & Physics simulations

Chemistry & Physics simulations is a learning application. Students can learn difficult subjects like physics and chemistry. Chemistry & Physics simulations application can be used at home or school. Students can learn concepts of science easily.
Price: Free

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