Top Games To Tryout in November 2023

Over one thousand cell phone games are released on a daily basis, and sometimes some extremely high quality games get buried in app stores and they don’t get the attention that they deserve, that is why in this list we have targeted those games, these games will help to kill your free time.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Trade TycooniOSFree
Solar IdleiOSFree
Smart BalliOSFree
Wandering Orb: Endless JourneyiOSFree
Meditation ExperienceiOSFree
Balloon Pop!iOSFree
Cook the Dodo FreeiOSFree
Bingo calloutiOS$1.99
Munkee Kissin Dunkee 2iOSFree
Who Lit The Moon?iOSFree
Pandoras: Devil Drinking GameiOSFree
Retro CombatiOSFree
MechWings | The Phoenix RisesiOSFree
Exonauts: The Deadliest Way to get WealthyiOSFree
DEAD JUMP: ZombieiOSFree
Match It ManiaiOSFree
Roccoz WorldiOSFree
Nelson and the Magic CauldroniOS$4.99
Chess ConquestiOSFree
Lucky Dice 2018iOSFree
Picross FreeiOSFree
Hong Kong Style MahjongiOSFree
Peter Rabbit Endless RunneriOS$1.99
Puppies Out – Endless RunneriOSFree

Trade Tycoon

Trade Tycoon is a stock trading simulation game based on real-time information from the New York Stock Exchange. Learn and improve your stock trading skills without the risk of losing real money. If you want, prepare for investing your cash some day into the market with the know-how gained from Trade Tycoon!


Quiltuduko is a visual art making adaptation of Sudoku, a Japanese number puzzle game. The rules are simple, the game can be a challenge, but the solution makes art!


Neonimo is a real-time puzzle strategy game where players place tetrominoes to build a path to their opponent’s base, forming buildings, claiming technology, and cutting off their opponent along the way.

Solar Idle

Collect and expand your own solar system! Build an impressive solar system the reaches far beyond our own!

Smart Ball

The balls are all mixed up! Beat the game by getting same color balls in a pipe! Move them by dragging one pipe to the top and another to the bottom of the barrel. The gate opens, the ball falls from the top bar to the bottom one. Get same color balls in each pipe and win!!!

Wandering Orb: Endless Journey

Dive into exciting 3D action with compelling gameplay! Help orb to keep its run through the endless puzzled level.

Meditation Experience

Meditation Experience is a fun conceptual/role-playing app that guides the player through a inner journey with the use of meditation as our tool. A series of friendly guides will take the player to the inner world and there they will need to stop tempting thoughts and emotions from breaking the player’s focus. Leading to opening of energy centers and the flow of new ideas and concepts. Can you go through the experience? Why not give it a try?

Balloon Pop!

Pop the balloons before 1 hits the ground!


Fast Cars… Escape Route… Oncoming Vehicles. Dodge as many cars as possible! Be the Rebel you’ve always wanted to be!

Cook the Dodo Free

Get ready for the run! The last and only Dodo has been found and humans are willing to cook it! Play as the Dodo in a frantic chase with Humans through the tropical paradise!

Bingo callout

Choose 75 or 90 balls. Automatic callout timing or manual pause & next. Call out in any Apple built-in language, or… Record your own languages / voices. Import/export your own language recordings. Choose the number display font.

Munkee Kissin Dunkee 2

Experience epic battles like never before! Welcome to the world of Munkee Kissin Dunkee 2 where you and your champion fight to get to the top! Start out with our valiant hero Munkee then battle it out and earn coins to unlock other characters and weapons.

Who Lit The Moon?

Who Lit The Moon? is an interactive fairy tale for kids aged 4-10. It has an educational purpose with a range of puzzles and mini-games that can help children of all ages to develop their imagination and knowledge in different areas.

Pandoras: Devil Drinking Game

Choose how DIRTY you want to play, and adjust to Guys, Girls or Mixed mode! This party game gives «Truth or Dare» a proper overhaul. We dare you to open Pandora’s Box… Break the ice, get to know each other, laugh, cry and take the party to a whole new level with this party booster of a drinking game!

Retro Combat

Ever wanted to relax, chill, and play around with some bots and friends? Well, Retro Combat gives you this opportunity through a simple first-person shooter.

MechWings | The Phoenix Rises

A love letter to the arcade classics of the Eighties. Pilot your ship through multiples waves of mechanical Hawks and larger Phoenix class enemies. Ultimately you have to use all your skill to destroy the alien Phoenix Mother-Brain. In typical arcade fashion you then have to do it all again – only this time it will be tougher!​

Exonauts: The Deadliest Way to get Wealthy

Your job as an Exonaut has always been to drill exoplanets to the core and collect all the riches in their soil. However, as precious stones are not easy to find and drilling miles under the surface of any planet can be treacherous, it was a matter of time before you got into DEEP trouble. (See what we did there?)


** An endless “Tap to Jump” journey in Post Apocalypse world ** “Rising from grave, a little remaining memory of a zombie leads her home. But the only way is Jump.” Just tap to jump – It seems easy as first but hard to master. How far your zombie can survive?

Match It Mania

Do you have the skills to dominate this memory card game? It combines the classic features of matching memory games with a new and modern spin, resulting in arguably one of the best free memory games for children and adults alike. Matching cards has never been so thrilling and entertaining. Enjoy a great classic memory concept. Get it for free!

Roccoz World

Help Rocco rescue his family from the evil Storm King! Take him on an obstacle-filled journey across the great ocean to the king’s castle on Storm Island. Keep Rocco alive and healthy at the treehouse. The more you interact with him, the longer he lives. This includes feeding, exercising, resting and much more. Once his family is rescued, you can play with them too!

Nelson and the Magic Cauldron

In this fantasy world, a young man named Nelson inherits a forest hut belonging to his late uncle Sid. However, he does not yet know that he owned a magical cauldron during his lifetime. Nelson travels with the last of his money to the island where his uncle last lived and has no idea that inheritance does not mean the wealth that he longed for, but a lot of responsibility. The baron also seeks the magic cauldron.

Chess Conquest

Chess strategy game with an intriguing story and unique, compelling quests. Are you up for the challenge?


Try this amazing AR game! MyDice is an intuitive, simple, and modern app. You can use it in order to generate random numbers.

Lucky Dice 2018

Lucky Dice is a simple app to complement your favorite board game. The app supports 1 to 5 dice that can be tossed by tapping the screen or shaking your iPhone or iPad.

Picross Free

Picross puzzles look like grids of squares with numbers above and to the left. Each number tells you that there is group of consecutive black squares somewhere in that row or column. For example, a 5 above a column means that somewhere in that column, there is a group of five black squares with no spaces between them.

Hong Kong Style Mahjong

Mahjong is a popular game that originated in China. It is commonly played by four players. The game and its regional variants are widely played throughout Eastern and South Eastern Asia and have a small following in Western countries. Mahjong is similar to the Western card games like rummy, mahjong is a game of skill, strategy, and calculation and involves a degree of chance.

Peter Rabbit Endless Runner

Beatrix Potter’s classic tale re-imagined for the app generation. Now you can play one of the most popular children’s books as an endless text runner. NEW! Tap the Developer Website button to try it in your browser.

Puppies Out – Endless Runner

Puppies Out! is a free Running games for kids featuring lovely cute pets – named “Buddy Lab” – alongside with some of its adorable puppy friends including “Amigo“, “Rocky“, “Sir Beagle“, “Posh Pup” , “Super Hero“, “Bandit” and “Valentine“.


THE LAST BANQUET IN HERCULANEUM is an Adventure-style game where you control Septimius, a slave in Ancient Rome. On August 24, AD 79, the volcano Vesuvius erupted, destroying the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Experience the last day in Herculaneum fulfilling the tasks necessary for the banquet.


The puzzles are not unlike the classic Tangram but the forms are unique and are based on a design by industrial designer Kristjan Saetran Bjarnason who designed the puzzle as a board game challenge. The design of the game is calming and beautiful and has gotten universal praise.

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