Playing new games can be fun, we usually get bored after playing old games, some of us like to try out new games regularly, that is why we have curated this list for the month of September, it contains random games, but all of them are extremely addictive.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
JobFlare for Job SearchiOSFree
Zombie Wave AgainiOSFree
Haunted House TDiOSFree
Circles JSiOSFree
Clock DropiOSFree
Do NOT drop me!iOSFree
Picture Guess – Cognitive StimulationiOSFree
You Only Livez TwiceiOSFree
Emoji Music MatchiOSFree
Trolls vs VikingsiOSFree
Vegan InvadersiOSFree
Mad vs AliensiOSFree
Banana BustersiOSFree
Busy Busy Bird!iOSFree
Lusio Endless RacingiOSFree
Penguin PENGiOSFree
Dragon Fist – Kung Fu ShowdowniOSFree
Helmet SurvivaliOSFree
Are you Lost In Space?iOSFree
Dino the BeastiOSFree
Tallest Tree: Canyon ClimbiOSFree
Cool Math Games | 2nd Grade Math | Grade 2 MathAndroidFree
Fact Mountain — Great PaintingsAndroidFree
Cat TanksiOSFree
Bergmann RouletteAndroidFree
Ayo GameAndroidFree
Star Quest: TCGiOSFree


MonkeyIQ is a challenging memory game where you must carefully watch the order of blinking squares and repeat their sequence on the touch screen. MonkeyIQ will spin, hide and shuffle the tiles and even sometimes ask you to remember the monkey faces. So watch close. Do you know your Monkey IQ? Infinite playing levels. Play as long as you can remember the sequence! Kid, Adult and Genius modes available.

JobFlare for Job Search

Show off your smarts and stand out to companies by playing rapid-fire brain games that measure the key qualities recruiters look for. JobFlare games measure your cognitive abilities, and we connect you with companies that value your strengths.

Zombie Wave Again

A game in which waves of zombie are attack and you need stop the walking dead. Use the power of guns to protect kingdom from attacking enemies. So, can you protect the castle from intruders?

Haunted House TD

It’s Halloween, and all the neighbourhood kids are coming to steal your candy! As resident of a real haunted house, you have all the tools at your disposal to scare them away. Place all kinds of creepy things in front of your house to stop those pesky kids from reaching your door! Unlock 81 spooky tools and upgrade your haunted house. Get ready to scare some kids!

Circles JS

Survive for as long as possible through endless waves in this casual and easy to learn but hard to master action game. Avoid the red circles and pop as many green ones as you can to increase your score. Colliding with a red circle means it’s game over, so make sure to get rid of them by popping the blue, orange and purple ones. How many points can you get? Can you beat your friends?

Clock Drop

Clock Drop is a puzzle/action game about falling marbles. Twist, turn, and tap the different metallic cogs to help your shiny marble to the end!

Do NOT drop me!

Tap anywhere to jump and avoid all spikes. Clean design and wonderful gameplay. Challenge yourself and your friends. Play for fun and with measure.

Picture Guess – Cognitive Stimulation

Picture Guess is a game designed to provide cognitive stimulation. Choose a category of images, reveal the blocks and enjoy guessing the words!

You Only Livez Twice

It’s after the zombie apocalypse and you want to survive at all costs. Do you have what it takes? Play as both humans and zombies in this 2d survival game. Each has a different strategy for winning. Play as Humans – Start with nothing and quickly find weapons to protect yourself. Just don’t let yourself get close to a zombie horde. Play as Zombies – Build a giant horde and overwhelm your opponents through sheer force

Emoji Music Match

You get a set of Emojis and you try to match the correct song to it. Some are hard, some are easy, some will make you pull your hair out, some will make you hum for 10 minutes, some will make you search on Spotify for a half an hour, …..

Trolls vs Vikings

If you are a fan of action-filled defense and strategy games, this is your next must-play game! Get ready to enter an amazing fantasy world, where an epic battle rages between Trolls, Vikings, Dwarves, Dragons and Nordic Gods. Filled to the brim with amazing gameplay, huge variety and great graphics, it’s easy to see why Trolls vs Vikings has been a top 10 strategy game in more than 130 countries. It’s time to Troll!

Vegan Invaders

Your life as a meat-eater is over. Are you ready to forget about the bacon and the burgers? Far away in a distant galaxy of the Vega system, an overly-green alien species wants to conquer our planet. They plan to clear our land from animal farming and to feed us with vegetarian food to take control our mind. Captain, your mission is to stop the Vegan invaders before they step into our planet. May the Fat be with you.

Mad vs Aliens

One day the earth will be threatened. Now Mad is defending the earth against flying aliens. Help Mad defend the earth in 150 levels. Collect coins and improve Mad’s attack strength to be prepared against the ever increasing enemies.


Create your own level using Lanotalium and play it with Layesta seamlessly. Share your chart to your friend and let your imagination take wings.

Banana Busters

Sling custom bananas at flying pottery. And sometimes at chickens. Oh! And treasure chests!

Busy Busy Bird!

Busy Busy Bird as an addictive endless platform game, with a lot of possible customization, multiple power ups and plenty of achievements to hunt. Beat your friends on the world wide highscore and achiements-list.

Lusio Endless Racing

LusioMATE is a gaming platform and wearable controller that motivates clients (players) to do rehabilitative movements prescribed by Clinicians. This motivation to play enables them to reach their rehabilitation or habilitation goals. LusioMATE is designed to be played at home, on the go or in a clinic on almost any device

Penguin PENG

Burst the puffed up fish with the penguin´s pointy top! Reach higher levels to unlock new targets and hit as much as you can to win medals! 3…2…1…PENG!

Dragon Fist – Kung Fu Showdown

In Old China, Kung Fu was the true language to deal with enemies. In the single mode beat all the enemies just touching the right direction and timing. Plus, perform perfect hits to execute powerful attacks, and survive to hordes of dangerous fighters!

Helmet Survival

Battle Survival of Stickman! be the 1 of 30 players!


The ClueTrail app points you towards the next clue, giving you distance and direct towards that clue. Once you are within 20 meters of the clue, the clue is revealed. You then need to solve the clue and dial in the answer. Then ClueTrail will guide you to the next clue.


A mix between golf and high-score frantic slingshot. Slinggo is a fast-paced game which will test your speed, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination. Lots of different character skins and accessories to unlock, with lots of different environments to get through.

Are you Lost In Space?

Do you know where you are? Of course not, you’re lost. There’s a portal over there; maybe it’s a way out of this abyss. But alas, to no avail, it takes you one level deeper. The stardate keeps growing, and it doesn’t look like you’ll be home for Christmas.

Dino the Beast

Dino The Beast is a runner type game that will allow you to inhabit the body of a dinosaur from the Jurassic period. Scarred as a child, Dino seeks vengeance. He wants to hunt down the cruel tyrannosaur who killed his mother. You are going to help him carry out the task.

Tallest Tree: Canyon Climb

The effort you put into Tallest Tree is never wasted. Every time you level up, we donate to non-profit organisations to plant a real life tree in your honor. Tallest Tree is an environmentally friendly game, and your time here preserves the planet.

Cool Math Games | 2nd Grade Math | Grade 2 Math

Our cool maths software contains most lessons you expect to find in grade 2 math apps for kids. Lots of parents wrote in comments that our Arabic version of the App is one of the best math apps for kids or math game for children.

Fact Mountain — Great Paintings

Learn art history and prepare for academic competitions and quizbowl and for your AP exam in Art History with this Fact Mountain app!

Cat Tanks

Customize your tank and play with your friends. Cat Tanks is an online multiplayer game. Wage battle against anyone across the country online! Would it be team play or will it be against each other?

Bergmann Roulette

Bergmann Roulette Jackpot is an awesome casino game which enables you to easily simulate the real bergmann roulette experience and win between 10, 25, 50, 100 or 1000 per bet. Place your bet on one of the 13 numbers and watch the wheel spin to see if you are a winner.

Ayo Game

Ayo Game is a board game play all over Africa and some parts of Asia, America and the Caribbean. Its is a strategy board game and and the rules are not uniform in all the countries where its played. The first version of this game developed by bonako is based on two forms of game play- Pia and Seca – that is popular in Cape Verde Islands.

Star Quest: TCG

Join Star Quest: TCG’s Universe: amazing spaceships, space cruisers, mechas, mysterious creatures and much more await you! Prepare your fleet, gather your troops and start playing on this strategic and intuitive card game. Collect and upgrade hundreds of cards from all around the Galaxy, troops such as Spaceships and Aliens, incredible Weapons for your units and special tactics for the most tenacious commanders.

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