Top Games To Play in September 2023

Playing new games can be fun, we usually get bored after playing old games, some of us like to try out new games regularly, that is why we have curated this list for the month of September, it contains random games, but all of them are extremely addictive.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Drop The Chicken 2 The CircusiOS$1.99
JobFlare for Job SearchiOSFree
Zombie Wave AgainiOSFree
Bitcoin Mining GameiOSFree
Aw Craps!iOS$1.99
Clock DropiOSFree
CoinChamp – Live PredictionsiOSFree
Science BINGOiOSFree
Riverboat GambleriOSFree
Emoji Music MatchiOSFree
Trolls vs VikingsiOSFree
Jackpot GemsiOSFree
Mad vs AliensiOSFree
Peo AppiOSFree
Spellsword Cards: DemontideiOSFree
Awesome SpaceiOSFree
Penguin PENGiOSFree
Royale Casino – Slots MachineiOSFree
Flip PuzzleiOSFree
Are you Lost In Space?iOSFree
DOFUS TouchiOSFree
The Rodríguez and the BeyondiOSFree
Cool Math Games | 2nd Grade Math | Grade 2 MathAndroidFree
Rivals of PokeriOSFree
Cat TanksiOSFree
Pig WheeliOS$0.99
High Score BingoiOSFree
Chezz: The CHEss puZZleiOSFree

Drop The Chicken 2 The Circus

Your mission is to cunningly plan Chucks journey to the dive pool while catching all the bugs along the way. Drag the acrobatic tools into place, swipe the switch and watch Chuck bounce off elephants, shoot out of cannons, do a trapeze act with monkey’s and fly around the levels like a master acrobat.

JobFlare for Job Search

Show off your smarts and stand out to companies by playing rapid-fire brain games that measure the key qualities recruiters look for. JobFlare games measure your cognitive abilities, and we connect you with companies that value your strengths.

Zombie Wave Again

A game in which waves of zombie are attack and you need stop the walking dead. Use the power of guns to protect kingdom from attacking enemies. So, can you protect the castle from intruders?

Bitcoin Mining Game

Bitcoin Mining Game is an Augmented Reality App where you can play that you mine Bitcoins in your livingroom. When you mine the BTC in the game the computer creates a Hash code that simulates the mining proces in the real world.

Aw Craps!

Realistic 3D animated full table dice rolling where you control the strength and direction of the dice rolls, including ‘short rolls’, off the table rolls, and dealer warnings to hit the back wall.

Clock Drop

Clock Drop is a puzzle/action game about falling marbles. Twist, turn, and tap the different metallic cogs to help your shiny marble to the end!

CoinChamp – Live Predictions

CoinChamp is a live Prediction and Trivia game where players can predict yes or no questions on Crypto, Sports, Politics, Weather, Markets and other live events in order to advance for a cash prize!

Science BINGO

With the Science Bingo app, you can play 5 different games that build important science skills. These include identifying chemical elements, how to write electron configurations, naming ions, matching base pairs in DNA and RNA, and using genetics vocabulary. The Teacher mode contains the caller’s clues while the student mode contains cards to play the game. The student only mode is free so you can download it on all of your student’s iPads.

Riverboat Gambler

Climb aboard The Riverboat Gambler and enjoy some of the hottest casino games around! This app serves up 40 different games and there are more planned. You will be amazed at the realism of your experience. Players are saying that they are becoming more proficient at the live games by practicing with Riverboat Gambler.

Emoji Music Match

You get a set of Emojis and you try to match the correct song to it. Some are hard, some are easy, some will make you pull your hair out, some will make you hum for 10 minutes, some will make you search on Spotify for a half an hour, …..

Trolls vs Vikings

If you are a fan of action-filled defense and strategy games, this is your next must-play game! Get ready to enter an amazing fantasy world, where an epic battle rages between Trolls, Vikings, Dwarves, Dragons and Nordic Gods. Filled to the brim with amazing gameplay, huge variety and great graphics, it’s easy to see why Trolls vs Vikings has been a top 10 strategy game in more than 130 countries. It’s time to Troll!

Jackpot Gems

Jackpot Gems is a fun, simple and refreshing combination of Match-3 and Slot Machine gameplay! Watch your coins add up as you gain levels by matching 3 or more gems in a row. Match the right gems and hit the jackpot!

Mad vs Aliens

One day the earth will be threatened. Now Mad is defending the earth against flying aliens. Help Mad defend the earth in 150 levels. Collect coins and improve Mad’s attack strength to be prepared against the ever increasing enemies.


Create your own level using Lanotalium and play it with Layesta seamlessly. Share your chart to your friend and let your imagination take wings.

Peo App

The dog Peo, protagonist of the Swiss Radio and Television programs for children in Italian, opens the doors of his world with an App full of surprises! You can watch the latest episodes of his program “Breakfast with Peo”, the videos of the S-Rini series, Ta-pit, Peo in Switzerland, Peo Gallery, Helveticus, the small “surprise” videos or sing to the notes of Karaoke with Peo.

Spellsword Cards: Demontide

The only solo CCG this year, where you level up and access more powerful cards as you adventure through a story driven campaign. With 7 main classes to mix and match with, you can easily customize your own hero and deck to suit your individual play style. Adventure through a diverse world with heaps of quests and encounters. Hundreds of cards to acquire via loot or stores and unique crafting recipes for legendary cards that are lost artifacts.

Awesome Space

Play the classic 2009 Awesome Space jump adventure now on mobile! Escape the black hole and make Jumpi feel awesome!

Penguin PENG

Burst the puffed up fish with the penguin´s pointy top! Reach higher levels to unlock new targets and hit as much as you can to win medals! 3…2…1…PENG!

Royale Casino – Slots Machine

It’s time to enjoy all way long To this #1 Ultimate Vegas Casino Experience. Hit the Jackpot and chances are higher as this time it is all in one to keep you engaged for hours. This casino machine includes Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette & all favourite Slots

Flip Puzzle

Allow us to introduce you to Flip: our adventurous protagonist who can turn downside up. A side scrolling saga in both dimensions – help Flip reach the end of every level by running, jumping, and flipping across a world of hidden paths, obstacles, puzzles and illusions.


The ClueTrail app points you towards the next clue, giving you distance and direct towards that clue. Once you are within 20 meters of the clue, the clue is revealed. You then need to solve the clue and dial in the answer. Then ClueTrail will guide you to the next clue.


A mix between golf and high-score frantic slingshot. Slinggo is a fast-paced game which will test your speed, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination. Lots of different character skins and accessories to unlock, with lots of different environments to get through.

Are you Lost In Space?

Do you know where you are? Of course not, you’re lost. There’s a portal over there; maybe it’s a way out of this abyss. But alas, to no avail, it takes you one level deeper. The stardate keeps growing, and it doesn’t look like you’ll be home for Christmas.


The ultimate adventure is at your fingertips in this colossal game! While hunting for the legendary dragon eggs, TRAVEL throughout a universe without limits, MEET players from all over the world, and CREATE your own legend. Fight unique creatures and fearsome bosses, take up a profession, make use of your resources, become the leader of a guild, lead raids, participate in tournaments… With DOFUS Touch, there’s adventure for all kinds!

The Rodríguez and the Beyond

The Rodríguez family seems very normal, but … everything changes when they discover that their grandfather is from another planet! Enjoy this fun exploration game and mini-games based on the movie “Los Rodríguez y el Más Allá”:

Cool Math Games | 2nd Grade Math | Grade 2 Math

Our cool maths software contains most lessons you expect to find in grade 2 math apps for kids. Lots of parents wrote in comments that our Arabic version of the App is one of the best math apps for kids or math game for children.

Rivals of Poker

Want to become a REAL LIFE poker champ? Tired of playing against people who only know to go “all-in”, all the time? Join & COMPETE on the free Rivals of Poker app where SKILL MATTERS for the 1st time in a social poker game. Execute and be recognized for TRUE POKER SKILLS such as: Stole the Pot, Deadly Trap, Call Bluff and Good Fold.

Cat Tanks

Customize your tank and play with your friends. Cat Tanks is an online multiplayer game. Wage battle against anyone across the country online! Would it be team play or will it be against each other?

Pig Wheel

Fate, fortunes and misfortunes, were determined by gaming wheels going back probably over two thousand years. Wheel of Fortune or Rota Fortunae was an early symbol of fate. Roman Legion soldiers turned over their chariots and bet on the outcomes of spinning their wheels. Early wheels were paddle wheels and it wasn’t until the late 17th or early 18th century that Roulette (“little wheel”) was introduced. While Roulette did take off across casinos in Europe and the Americas, paddle wheels continue to be played in some casinos.

High Score Bingo

Players score point by filling the rows of their playing board with as many high-scoring combinations as possible. As soon as the 25 squares are filled in, the result will be avaluated and noted. After three evaluations, the player with the most points wins the game.

Chezz: The CHEss puZZle

Chezz is a single player game based on move strategy. Capture chess pieces until 1 remains. Start with 3 pieces. Solve your way to 25. For each puzzle, plan and play a sequence of moves that will result in only 1 piece remaining on the 5×8 board.

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