Board games are a great way to spend time with friends and family, board games are very addictive and can be a great time killer, we have curated a list of some underrated board games that will keep you busy for a long period of time.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
MS “Ahead, the Evil Castle”iOSFree
Seven Drinking GameiOSFree
Pitch DarkiOSFree
Pon Ya PremiumiOS$2.99
So HappyiOSFree
Moles vs MinionsiOSFree
Formation – Puzzle GameiOSFree
Doubles: Drinking Games for 2iOSFree
Backgammon KGiOSFree
Spirits of Anglerwood ForestiOS$3.99
Parchis 3D RoomiOSFree
Riichi MahjongiOSFree
Expedition: The RPG Card GameiOSFree
Brick Blocks -The board puzzleiOSFree
Helius’ – full of lifeiOS$4.99
Quantum – LP Counter for YugiiOSFree
Corona Board GameiOSFree
Desi Indian LudoiOSFree
RUDE Gay CharadesiOSFree
Brain Marbles – the puzzleiOSFree
Escape Puzzle A totally free slide puzzle gameiOSFree
Hedgehog Gardens – Logic GamesiOSFree
Bubble DropiOSFree
One 1iOSFree
Fling! 2iOSFree

MS “Ahead, the Evil Castle”

Dig the ground !! Go to the underground!! We guide the hero to explore with Minesweeper, Let’s deliver it to the lowest castle of the demon king!


Alien spaceships surround Earth. They have not come in peace. In this two-player tactical skirmish, Earth’s defenders try to take out the Alien invaders one by one before they land in force to enslave the planet!

Seven Drinking Game

A drinking game to warm up your party! Seven is perfect for a group of people who are ready to be slammed by laugh and booze!

Pitch Dark

Pitch Dark is for memory buffs, puzzle solvers and thrill seekers. Compete and show you are the fastest, smartest most innovative player amongst thousands of players in the world. Free to download and experience the unique gameplay with over 100 levels.

Pon Ya Premium

Play your cards to race your marbles around the 3D board, and stop your opponents in their tracks! Use the special cards to Swap, Kill, Back-up, or Split your move. Compete in 2, 3, or 4 player matches against your friends, or AI opponents on your network. Be the first player to get all your marbles home for bragging rights!

So Happy

Hungry rabbits, eat all the food, avoid the pitfalls! It’s so cool! Funny style, make your leisure time happy. Bring your friends with your leaderboard, and be happy with your friends! SO HAPPY SOHAPPY sohappy SoHappy So Happy So happy. hungry rabbits Hungry Rabbits HUNGRY RABBITS HungryRabbits

Moles vs Minions

Moles vs Minions is a simple arcade/casual game, where you whack mole after mole with your hammer or surprise them with your minions new tech power-ups. Yet, your minions love bananas, which has to be caught with your Net along the gameplay. Bananas is their energy! Minion = Simple!

Formation – Puzzle Game

The discs move in formation. Tap to remove them before they reach the bottom. There’s no time limit – it’s relaxing and good exercise for your brain!

Doubles: Drinking Games for 2

Who said you can’t have a party with just two people? Doubles is a fun, exciting drinking game designed for – you guessed it – two players! With categories from best friends and drinking to sexy couples and truth or dare, Doubles contains hours of hilarious party fun whether you’re playing with a buddy or your lover! Have endless laughs answering questions like:

Backgammon KG

A backgammon app with quick and smooth in-game play. Features a strong neural network based AI built using deep learning and trained exclusively via self play.

Spirits of Anglerwood Forest

Play as Edgar Fenn, a simple farm boy, and embark on a quest through the woods to find your parents. Every night you must protect yourself by lighting the lanterns found throughout the forest. However, spirits lurk in the trees, and you seem to be the only one in town that can see them.

Parchis 3D Room

This game is an implementation of the Ludo game as played in Spain (with a single die). The player who first manages to move his 4 to the goal wins. Full instructions on how to play are very well documented on Wikipedia

Riichi Mahjong

Authentic Japanese mahjong with riichi mechanics and dora tiles. Learn how to play: Tutorials and game instructions for new players. Multiple AIs with different play styles. Configurable rule sets: Play with official JPML tournament rules, or set your own rules.

Expedition: The RPG Card Game

Expedition uses cards and a mobile app to keep roleplaying fun, fast and focused on the adventure – without the complex rulebooks and number-crunching typical of tabletop RPGs. It’s perfect for single night stories and playing with diverse groups of friends.

Brick Blocks -The board puzzle

Brick Blocks in a very lightweight and intuitive puzzle and board game that will keep you engaged for hours, maybe even more! It’s smart, simple, competitive and joyously good fun for those who thrive in contests of skills.

Helius’ – full of life

This is an adaptive application for those who are looking for a program as their intellectual companion for a long time. Helius’ designed to evolve with human intelligence, it changes to your abilities and motivates you to achieve more by offering a variety of tasks in logic, creative thinking, perception, memory, motoric skills and more.

Quantum – LP Counter for Yugi

This companion app follows a different approach as compared to a normal Yugioh calculator: instead of typing damage dealt or gained, you simply swipe your finger up or down (with options to toggle it left or right). To provide additional speed or precision, you can modify the increments of each tap or pan (by 1, 10, 100 or 500).

Corona Board Game

Corona is fun board game where players try to get their own pucks (usually same color that their striker is) from the opposite sides of the table to the table pockets (four pockets/jars). The player who first get all their own eight pucks to the pockets, is the winner. The player, who didn’t start the game, has the last turn and the chance to equalize the score and game.

Desi Indian Ludo

Chowka Bara, Ashta Chamma, or Cheeta is an Indian game where in two to four players race their respective coins on a board of 5×5 squares to reach the inner most square. The movement of coins is controlled by throw of four cowrie shells, hence it is a game of chance. Since each player has four coins, he can decide which coin to move, hence it also comes under strategical games.


Circulars is simple game which tests your reactions. It’s not hard to guess the rules. You have to catch red balls by red target and blue balls by blue target. Every time you tap the screen the wheel changes direction of rotation. It sounds easy but it’s not 🙂 Try it and you will see.


Control the bouncing ball. Test your fingers and reaction. Easy fusion and many levels with different levels of difficulty. Collect maximum points and discover new colors and skins.

RUDE Gay Charades

Super gay fun for your clever, trashy, better-than-average looking friends. Two versions in one App: CLASSIC CHARADES and GAME SHOW CHARADES. 4 or more players.

Brain Marbles – the puzzle

Brain Marbles is a bright mix of colored balls, concentration, attention, logic and a classic puzzle combining the elements of solitaire and a Lines game (Color Lines). It is not only an extraordinary solitaire game, but it is also a truly entertaining, challenging and addictive puzzle. It is a new challenge for those who love puzzles, brain teasers, strategy games, games to improve memory and brain training games, crosswords, chess and all types of a solitaire game (freecell, solitaire, klondike, canfield and color lines).


Inverti is an iOS version of the classic board game Reversi (also known as Othello). Tap one of the small green dots to place your white chip on the board. All the black chips that lie directly between the chip you placed and another white chip “flip over” to become white. But beware the brain of Inverti, which is gonna try to do the same thing right back to you.

Escape Puzzle A totally free slide puzzle game

A totally free slide puzzle game. It’s easy to play. Just lead the brother and sister to the goal! If the brother and sister move to the square next to the killer, it’s game over! There are various gimmicks and a huge amount of variation! If you can solve them all, you’re amazing!


It’s KraZe!!! Can you solve it? A real brain teaser – estimates are there may be as many as eleven possible unique solutions to solving it. We know of two…so far.

Hedgehog Gardens – Logic Games

Can’t stand Sudoku, or looking for a change ? This puzzle is a lot more entertaining and enjoyable, providing similar mental exercise. Train your brain with a brand new puzzle from the huge ‘Logic Games – Time Killers’ app ! We built an entire app dedicated to one of your favourite puzzle !

Bubble Drop

Tap to drip a Bubble Drop off the pipe! Bubbles of the same number and colour will merge together to create new bubbles! Be careful! If you drop a Bubble Drop outside of the game circle, you lose!

One 1

One is a new puzzle for people who like to play with their intelligence. The way of playing is so clear and there is no age limit for playing. If you can reach to just one dot in the screen you will be the genius winner!!!

Fling! 2

The classic #1 TOP PAID APP Fling! is back and better than ever! Featuring even more levels and a bunch of new puzzle elements, it provides a super-addictive puzzle challenge to exercise your brain. The best part? Now Fling! 2 is entirely for FREE!

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