Playing games can be real fun, especially if you develop interest in any game. We know that Gamers are always looking for new and exciting games to try out, that is why we have created this list of high quality games that will keep you busy for a long time.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Golf Croquet IntroiOSFree
Ant Destroyer 2 FREEiOSFree
Planet RunnersiOSFree
Lift- Color Switch & MatchiOSFree
Super Doggo Snack TimeiOSFree
Mahjong Unlimited LiteiOSFree
Blocks KilleriOSFree
DartsAR ProiOS$3.99
Wood Carving Game 2iOSFree
Kings of Space KoSiOSFree
Clickmazes BoxUpiOS$0.99
PingIt 1984iOSFree
AR Devil: Dragon Shooter 3DiOS$1.99
Frozen MistiOSFree
Ultimate Bomb RushiOSFree
Box RuniOS$0.99
Hop BalliOSFree
Be Prime Minister!iOSFree
Soccer RondoiOSFree
Wobbly BalliOSFree
TapJet SpaceiOSFree
Hillary Hop – Hillary Needs Your Help!iOSFree
Zombie SweepiOSFree
Wonderball – One Touch Endless Ball Arcade ActioniOSFree
Horror Nights StoryiOSFree

Golf Croquet Intro

This introduction to Virtual Golf Croquet allows you to play all the shots and consider the tactics of how to knock your opponent out of the way and run the hoops yourself. Up to 30 shots are permitted.

Ant Destroyer 2 FREE

Smash with your fingers all ants that exit on the hole. Tap all the ants that appear on the screen with your fingers, before they leave the screen be very careful don’t tap the red ants, they are very dangerous. You have in this awesome App seven modality to smash all the Ants that you see on the screen. All you can have a game of ants is in “Ant Destroyer 2” easy to play hard to stop. Have fun with this great game.


A famous chess coach said: “Don’t think about the pieces being exchanged, visualize how the board will look when the pieces are gone”. Move a piece and you affect two places. But it’s illegal to physically move the piece and see the effects — you must learn to visualize. Chessvis is designed to help with that process.

Planet Runners

Race through the galaxy and become one of the best Planet Runners in this cute and chaotic multiplayer game with innovative controls.


ScoreSplit allows users to enter Square-Games and Strip-Cards to win cash prizes – and support charities/fundraisers in the process.


The goal of the solitaire is to form 4 stacks of cards, in ascending order sequence from the ace to the king for each suit, at the top of the screen (the foundations). You can move the cards on the playing area (the tableau), forming piles of cards in descending order from king to ace, alternating colors. Only a king can be placed on an empty space. If no more moves are possible, you can draw a card (or three) from the deck (at top right of the screen).

Lift- Color Switch & Match

Lift is an addictive endless scorer where the player controls the Lift to deliver the Movers safely to their respective colored rooms.

Super Doggo Snack Time

TAP AND HOLD until your Dog’s mouth is open wide enough. LET GO AND RELEASE when the circle turns green to catch food falling from the table for some epic snack time. Avoid Broccoli! Cute puppy simulator – play as a corgi, beagle, or pug! No pug poo to clean up!

Mahjong Unlimited Lite

Mahjong Unlimited now is able to dynamically adjust difficulty of game generation engine according to players’ game stats. Manual difficulty switch is also provided for individual preference. Mahjong Unlimited is a classic but addictive matching game. The goal of the game is to clean all tiles out of the board by selecting pairs of tiles with the same drawing.

Blocks Killer

Use the balls to hit all the falling blocks before they reach the bottom, take bonuses, collect coins and free all pets.


Nanashi is a simple but exciting strategy game with a nostalgic feel of gameplay similar to Ataxx, Reversi and Othello.

DartsAR Pro

Darts AR is an Augmented Reality Multiplayer Game. You can play darts using your real-world dartboard. In multiplayer mode, both players are getting synced not only themselves but also with the physical world. One player can create a game room while the second player can join the game room. In single-player mode, you can enjoy darts with an automated player as the opponent (an Artificial Intelligence called “Fiyona”). Extreme level augmented reality gaming experience will amaze you at a glance.

Wood Carving Game 2

We’ve implemented the real physics for woodworking machine to bring you more joy. Wood carving tool is based on a mix of a dremel moto-saw and drill press with beaver (sideways cutting) drill saw bit. This time no carving knifes – just wood engraving.

Kings of Space KoS

Send your fleet through your galaxy and fight the alien invasion! Develop powerful special weapons, use them to fight players from other galaxies and gain resources and league points to upgrade your units with unique skins and powerful updates!

Clickmazes BoxUp

Your goal sounds easy, just push the small red box inside the large blue box. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

PingIt 1984

In the dystopian future of 1984, people have given in to the system. The automated grim world has turned humans in to nothing more than empty shells. Apart from you. You are awake. With your quick reflexes, grit and determination, only YOU can beat the machine! 1984 NEEDS you!​

AR Devil: Dragon Shooter 3D

Now with Apple AR, you bring devils to life wherever you are. With Augmented Reality you can shoot the devils and you can still see the world around you. Watch devils appear in your living room, on your kitchen, in your garden, or anywhere you want to play.

Frozen Mist

Let’s start your adventure in FrozenMist! Run now! or you will be frozen in the mist. This is a simple, casual but challenging game. Enjoy & Let’s see how far can you reach! Collect more energy coins and customise your character. Keep practising and get higher score! Be the top rank players in the world.

Ultimate Bomb Rush

An arcade style gaming app designed to test your reflexes and reaction skills. The objective is to defuse active bombs displayed in a 3 x 3 grid before they explode while avoiding non-active bombs. The more you progress, the quicker the bombs ignite and explode.

Box Run

The evil Red Empire is up to no good, they kidnapped princess Boxia and are now out to kill prince Boxo. Help guide Boxo in his quest to save his true love, and restore order in the Box galaxy.


Tap&Up is a simple endless game. If you tap on the left side of the screen the ball will jump up and right and if you tap on the right side of the screen the ball will jump up and left. There are more types of obstacles which you are trying to avoid. If you loose just tap and you will play again.

Hop Ball

It’s a new ball bouncing game that runs both the right and left lobe of your brain. Only 5% can pass the 200 meters !..

Be Prime Minister!

Welcome, you have the opportunity to became the Prime Minister of Ameise island. Ameise is located in the middle of the ocean, it offers its inhabitants a peaceful spot to live in. At the same time the local government tries to keep up with the times. Being the Prime Minister, you will have to make some important choices in order to ensure a bright and sustainable future for your people.

Soccer Rondo

Complete ten passes without having your opponent take away the ball, or play a through-ball to clear the round. Play a wide range of rounds, with differing pitch sizes and various number of teammates/opponents! The speed of your opponent’s movements will become faster with each round! Test your passing skills by competing with friends and players from around the world using the scoring and ranking feature.

Wobbly Ball

Wobbly Ball Is An Entertaining Time-Occupying Game Where The Player Tries To Bounce A Ball Off Of A Paddle! Play From 3 Different Difficulties to Earn Half, Full, Or Double The Points And Coins! Collect Power Ups Like Speed Boost And Paddle Extension To Gain An Advantage!

TapJet Space

Just Tap and Jet in space! Challenge yourself! How far can you get!

Hillary Hop – Hillary Needs Your Help!

Uh oh! Hillary’s emails have been leaked, and she needs your help to get them back! Jump over Trump signs and other obstacles – including some familiar faces! – and see how many of her emails you can help collect!

Zombie Sweep

You control the knife by tapping on the screen. It slides towards where you touch. When the knife hits a zombie it gets killed. Each kill increases your score by 1. See how much you can score!

Wonderball – One Touch Endless Ball Arcade Action

Simple one-touch mechanic! Just tap the screen when the Wonderball touches the Line. Race for the leaderboards against your Facebook friends! Collect awesome unique Rare and Legendary Wonderballs! Earn coins and level up your game for free! Easy and fun to play, challenging to master! Earn bonuses every week!

Horror Nights Story

You better dig fast and escape! Prepare your mind for hordes of scary monsters like ghost and bats, that are crawling through an old mine, trying to get you! You are equipped with nothing more than a pickaxe and bomb for each of the five nights. You have to get to the end of tunnel as soon as possible and not get eaten alive! While also taking care of another room with oxygen generator.

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