With so many games out there, it can get confusing to try out new games, in this month’s edition we have selected some very exciting games, this is a mixed games list that will lock you in for a long adventure. 

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Jack’d UpiOSFree
Truth or Dare – MultiplayeriOSFree
Alice and The Reformatory for WitchesiOSFree
Piepie is a year oldiOS$0.99
Vilnius IDiOSFree
Into The Dark : NarakaniOS$2.99
MySpinner – Controlled by phone’s accelerometeriOSFree
Alice in Wonderland AR questiOSFree
EmojiFlower VRiOS$0.99
Snow MeniOSFree
I Love JBiOSFree
Knight Girl – Match 3 PuzzleiOSFree
Mystery Hotel – Hidden ObjectsiOSFree
Saving MikeyiOSFree

Jack’d Up

Jack’d Up is a fun, fast paced game derived from the classic childhood game Jacks. Challenge yourself to top your highest waves while testing your cognitive skills, timing, and alertness by collecting the Jacks before the ball hits the ground. But pay attention you never know when a jack might move!

Truth or Dare – Multiplayer

Truth and Dare app or Spin The Bottle is the best Party game and Group game.We usually play when we are with friends,family but sometimes we don’t have a bottle to rotate. So truth or dare app will help you to play anywhere Without any requirement of the base or the bottle,So enjoy spin the bottle and truth or dare


You are a traveler. Collect as many postcards as possible before you lose all 5 lives! Be careful, the planes aren’t your friends, better to avoid them. You can compete with your friends as well. Just keep an eye on a leaderboard.


Climb is the newest, most unique indie game to entertain you! This is not a clone of popular games that flood the Appstore. This is a carefully made unique game based on physics, particularly the climbing mechanism. If you want to try a truly unique fun game, try Climb! It will entertain and challenge you in different way compared to the popular one tap games. The game mechanism is very simple but you must strategize and time your movements carefully. We have carefully design 28 levels full of fun challenge for you.


No time for the gym? Too lazy. No problem, this is workout guy. Work out and gain money. With tons of outfits, weights, boosts and sponsors to make your way as the top body builder in the world.


Beraldo the Globular Shepard is looking for his herd and he needs your help getting them back! They could have drifted to any part of the city by now…

Alice and The Reformatory for Witches

Very strange things have been happening to Alice since her childhood. But that isn’t a reason to imprison her in a reformatory for witches. Or is it? Exactly this is what happened to her just now! Help her escape and discover the power of her magical abilities…

Piepie is a year old

Piepie’s birthday! Uncle Dano made a party hat for her so that everyone can see that it is her birthday. Tonight she is having a party in the garden. But first she has to get some tasty and festive things in the city! Will you help Piepie with her party?

Vilnius ID

Vilnius ID is a Vilnius municipality geolocation game for students. To play you have to visit a map on a specific place, you will get various tasks on the place, which you will be awarded badges for completing.

Into The Dark : Narakan

You awaken, lost inside an ominous forest, abound with fearsome creatures intent on cracking your knight’s plate armor open and feasting on your bloodied flesh. You brave the threatening black wood, searching for the radiantly-glowing child calling your name; wondering, too, how she knows your name. You didn’t know it; not before she called it.

MySpinner – Controlled by phone’s accelerometer

MySpinner is a virtual fidget spinner controlled by your phone’s accelerometer. Just move, tilt and rotate your phone to increase or decrease the speed your fidget spins! It’s so cool!


From the World Memory Championship winning coach now comes Memotopia – mobile game to master your memory. Play, have fun, learn, challenge friends or embark on a memorable journey that will change the way you think. So get ready to expand your mind and perfect your memory!

Alice in Wonderland AR quest

You can enter the Wonderland right here. Look, there is a hole in the floor. The white rabbit comes out of it. Follow him! Open the portal to the Wonderland and go through it.

EmojiFlower VR

Collect Emoji as you explore flower, outer space, and underwater worlds, inspired by the days of Super Mario Bros! Point and click to grab Emojis and gain points as you travel through time and space in 360 degree hyper reality!

Snow Men

A stress relieving, simple game of punching snowmen.

I Love JB

Test your kissing and flirting skills to win his attention. Then go for a coffee or to the movies. Play a series of cute, funny and addictive mini games to win Justin’s heart!

Knight Girl – Match 3 Puzzle

Addictive gameplay, numerous levels and a timeless quest of love and happiness! Explore the mysterious world of the Knight Girl, meet its inhabitants and expand your horizons!

Mystery Hotel – Hidden Objects

Colorful scenery, animation, and 3D visual effects will make your adventure vivid and fun. Those with a competitive streak can collect bonuses for speed and repeat the quest with new puzzles.

Saving Mikey

Saving Mikey is a choosable-path adventure game built on plain text messages from a young boy, who went missing in an infected area after “Lyssa”, a very dangerous rabies-like virus started to spread silently. You have to help him survive and reach the safe zone by telling him what to do when he faces different situations and threats during his journey. We mixed the classic „road trip in an apocalyptic world” genre with the interactive Fighting Fantasy books from the 80’s.

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