With so many games out there, it can get confusing to try out new games, in this month’s edition we have selected some very exciting games, this is a mixed games list that will lock you in for a long adventure. 

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Combat BreakeriOSFree
Ghost Blasters 2iOSFree
Just SkiiOS$1.99
Idle ChessiOSFree
Alice and The Reformatory for WitchesiOSFree
Super Late JackiOSFree
Vilnius IDiOSFree
The Adventures of ImanoliOSFree
Fun Buns – No WiFi cool gameiOSFree
Galactic XiOSFree
16-Bit Epic ArcheriOSFree
Fred’s VoyageiOSFree
Snow MeniOSFree
I Love JBiOSFree
Foorkom GameiOS$0.99
Scary Granny EscapeiOSFree
Saving MikeyiOSFree
Roll ‘n BreakiOSFree
Ruthless RunneriOSFree
Xbar10n – Card Game : New 2020iOS$3.99
Oscar AdventureiOSFree
MotorMail: LibertyiOSFree
Cemetery Ghost GameiOSFree
Nagging WifeiOSFree
Extreme CrossingiOSFree
Oh Hell ScorekeeperiOSFree
Five Card LineupiOSFree

Combat Breaker

Defender of the world, a soldier, a saver, a hero! Train you hero skill to defend the world from evil! Shoot targets at the right time. Watch out shielded enemies. Get a rage mode by shooting many targets in a row.

Ghost Blasters 2

Shoot ghosts with your nifty laser beam, and extract their ectoplasmic energy (EKTO). Do you have what it takes to hunt the most powerful ghosts? Do you have what it takes to be ranked in the all time best Ghost Blasters?

Just Ski

Support for iPhone X. More forgiving landings to makes things slightly(very slightly) easier. New playable tutorial mode to help show how the game is played. Music now plays continuously instead of annoyingly starting over every time the game is reset.


Try to eat fish which are smaller than you are and avoid hitting plastic bottles and unlock Hats. Wosta is a free game without advertisements. It has nice relaxing gameplay and is fun for people of all ages!

Idle Chess

The princess fell in love with Devil Lord! However, it is not a blessed love. The prince caged the princess in the tower and sent the brave to guard it. Can the Devil Lord break the block and set the princess free?


Beraldo the Globular Shepard is looking for his herd and he needs your help getting them back! They could have drifted to any part of the city by now…

Alice and The Reformatory for Witches

Very strange things have been happening to Alice since her childhood. But that isn’t a reason to imprison her in a reformatory for witches. Or is it? Exactly this is what happened to her just now! Help her escape and discover the power of her magical abilities…

Super Late Jack

RUN as fast as you can! DODGE the most unlikely and craziest obstacles! (from a hungry alligator who can’t wait to bite your back side to a slow granny having her morning walk)

Vilnius ID

Vilnius ID is a Vilnius municipality geolocation game for students. To play you have to visit a map on a specific place, you will get various tasks on the place, which you will be awarded badges for completing.

The Adventures of Imanol

Welcome to a world where fantasy merges with reality. Where the boundaries between the real and the unreal are erased to make way for an amazing journey around all 6 continents. Feel like a real explorer SNAIL, fly on a rainbow in an exciting adventure through all around the world!

Fun Buns – No WiFi cool game

Are you looking for some new and beauty game with excellent bright graphics? If yes, then that game is for you: cool gameplay and addictive atmosphere with good music and sounds. You have to defend your kingdom from dragon buns just kill all of them by smashing with towers. One tap simple fun game. Hope you like it!

Galactic X

Tap to avoid hitting the obstacles. Get the highest score. Share with friends.

16-Bit Epic Archer

16-Bit Epic Archer is a fast-paced, chaotic, retro-style game that combines both endless runner and shoot ’em up game mechanics in a medieval (slightly tongue in cheek) fantasy setting. Grab your bow, and run endlessly while firing arrows and annihilating almost anything that stands in your path!

Fred’s Voyage

Who is Fred? What life is he floating away from? How’d he get so high?! All you need to know is he’s a shadow-ballooner on a mission to escape the forest in the sky and find his heart along the way.

Snow Men

A stress relieving, simple game of punching snowmen.

I Love JB

Test your kissing and flirting skills to win his attention. Then go for a coffee or to the movies. Play a series of cute, funny and addictive mini games to win Justin’s heart!

Foorkom Game

Tap to add impulse to your player and avoid the spikes and keep climbing for get a high score

Scary Granny Escape

Scary Granny: Escape – The horror games is about to run for life and releasing the good souls which evil scary granny has captured in an old house. This is the real horror challenge of scary games online that how you survive in this scary haunted house of horror games 2019. horror game online are the real fear pack of scary games and horror games. Are you addictive of playing blood games or horror maze game if yes then you will surely get addicted of Scary Granny: Escape – The horror games too? Granny has an awful mysterious house which she is proceeding this horror game is not only having the features of stealth games or horror games but also having the great features of scary grandma games 2019 and horror games 2019.

Saving Mikey

Saving Mikey is a choosable-path adventure game built on plain text messages from a young boy, who went missing in an infected area after “Lyssa”, a very dangerous rabies-like virus started to spread silently. You have to help him survive and reach the safe zone by telling him what to do when he faces different situations and threats during his journey. We mixed the classic „road trip in an apocalyptic world” genre with the interactive Fighting Fantasy books from the 80’s.

Roll ‘n Break

A stone ball, plus craft games style graphics, plus randomly generated environment, equal to Roll ‘n Break. Pure fun and challenge. Let’s Roll ‘n Break! You control a stone ball that breaks crates and rolls in a calm land where is full of traps. It gets harder tile by tile. In the end, your score is times of distance that you rolled and crates those you broke. Let’s see who is the boss in Roll ‘n Break. Challenge your friends and everyone in Game Center High Scores.

Ruthless Runner

Run, shoot and jump. Prove you are the best by running and jumping your way past the obstacles. It is possible to finish the game under 5 minutes.

Xbar10n – Card Game : New 2020

Those who trust their intelligence here. You will love the exciting new card game xbar10n that makes you think. Xbar10n is a unique strategy game created with a very special scoring system. Xbar10n is a fun new game with universal, intelligence-enhancing features. Everyone likes their simple rules and understandable style of playing.

Oscar Adventure

Oscar’s Adventure is a 2D platformer game. During the game, you collect money and look for the keys to open the doors and shoot the robots, your enemies. The purpose of the game is to find a treasure.

MotorMail: Liberty

It’s not the thunder that make more noise in the sky: it’s you.

Cemetery Ghost Game

Cemetery Ghost Game, Tap Left or Right to shoot the ghost

Nagging Wife

The husband must escape his nagging wife. Find power-ups on each level to help him flee and gather lots of treasure The firefighter hat makes him invincible. Just tap the screen to make the husband jump away from the nagging wife, get loot, achieve high scores and win the game.

Extreme Crossing

Get to the finish line safely by avoiding getting hit by cars! Collect golden eggs along the way to hatch new characters! Will you find all the eggs?

Oh Hell Scorekeeper

Oh Hell Scorekeeper is a FREE app designed to make keeping score for a game of Oh Hell – with 3-7 players – easier than ever before. It includes options for many different variations of play


Travel with Asta. Explore the world. This game is about a girl named Asta who has traveled all over the world and visited many countries and cities.

Five Card Lineup

Do you like fantasy sports? How about poker? Five Card Lineup is a head-on collision of two great games! Five Card Lineup gives you fast-paced fantasy football action! It plays and pays like Jacks or Better poker but uses real football players and their game stats on the cards!

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