We have curated a list of top Steam game deals that will keep you busy during your quarantine.

Game NamePlatformPriceLinks
The Federal RescueSteam$1.29
Math Classroom ChallengeSteam$2.49
Only One BurnSteam$1.49
Jesus Strikes Back 2Steam$8.19
Shooting BlasterSteam$1.49
Seul (Alone)Steam$1.89
Mr. MazeSteam$2.49
Super CatscapeSteam$1.24
B.O.T.S. and the RobofriendsSteam$5.09
Spirit IslandSteam$7.21
The Idiot’s TaleSteam$4.49
Mars UndergroundSteam$2.74
Draw Rider 2Steam$1.89


Adecke include six cards games. Cultural games played around china, europe and america since the old ages. The six cards games can be played with differents variations and options. Adecke contain solo games. All games is accesible at anytime in the main menu. You start the game and play. Very simple and quick. A good time, playing cards games, in front of a table, within a couple of seconds.


Visionarium is a visionary music driven VR journey partly created in Tilt Brush. In this experience a visionary trance state is simulated. The Oculus Touch controllers lets you paint beautiful and spectacular particle streams while your floating from one dimension to another in this immersive experience. Guided by a soundtrack from one of the best Psy Dub artists on the planet: Kalya Scintilla.


Medieval – Embers of War is a side scroller fighting game. The game offers a fast paced, casual gameplay that puts players in a fantasy world where the land is being torn apart by conflict. Players will take on adventures, epic rivals and control of their own castle.


Hacktag is a fast-paced two-player co-op stealth-game with unique asymmetric gameplay. Play as the stealth Agent in the field or as the virtually-infiltrated Hacker and work together to carry out espionage missions where nothing goes as expected!

The Federal Rescue

Rescue your father from captivity!


Welcome to TUBWT, the place where all your memories will be resurrected, the place where every corner is your mind, the place where everything you see is yourself. Can you get out of the long-forgotten fragments of memory? Can you accept reality again?

Math Classroom Challenge

Math in 3 dimensions and for fun. That’s the point of the Math Classroom Challenge. To design a safe and fun environment, where people of all ages can learn mathematics while enjoying a pleasant environment, with simple music, and solving configurable random problems of different complexity.

Only One Burn

Land the craft without crashing. Oh, and you only get one burn!

Jesus Strikes Back 2

Amidst the chaos and insanity of a world ravaged by socialism and Satan, the saviour will be resurrected to deliver another round of divine retribution. As evil shrouds the Earth, it’s up to J.C & friends to strike back and cast the first stone in this SATIRICAL, COMEDIC open world adventure.

Shooting Blaster

Are you gonna shoot? YES! Are you gonna blast? YES! Are you gonna make a big bang? YES! Are you gonna make a big boom? YES! So what do you get? Shooting Blaster Big Bang Boom! Come have some fun, it’s Good Time time!

Seul (Alone)

Seul. (Alone) is a text based choose your own adventure and philosophical thriller with horror elements. A subsistence where characters dwell. There are mysteries to solve and connections to unfold. Journey through here but remember you may not stay. Can you save Peggy?


Economic strategy about managing your own brewery and pubs. Brew and sell beer. Ruin your competitors. Become a monopolist in the beer market of the city!

Mr. Maze

When his daughter is captured by the formidable Maze Meister, a fast-thinking father finds himself on an unexpected journey through many maddening mazes to save her!

Super Catscape

Super Catscape is a 2D sidescroller retro platformer about Kim, a brave kitten who is abducted by strange alien creatures. Kim has to find a way to escape from the strange alien planet, saving all captive pets in his way back to Earth.

B.O.T.S. and the Robofriends

B.O.T.S. and the Robofriends is a twin-stick arcade style action game set in the year 2083. Play by yourself or with friends, picking from one of four robot characters with unique attributes and attacks. Play as BRI, RED, TOM, and STU, fighting back the hoard of enemies attacking your home.


Zunius – A Psychedelic Rogue-Like Bullet Hell. Beneath the stars, the moon and the infinite you will navigate this celestial journey as the mysterious traveller. Whom are you? Where are you? What is the nature of this universe? How can you possibly dodge all these bullets? Play this game to find out.

Spirit Island

Become the spirits of the land, and defend the island from colonizing Invaders spreading blight and destruction! Your spirits work with the native islanders to increase your power and drive the invading colonists from your island in this strategic area-control game.

The Idiot’s Tale

Can you find all three treasures and save the day? Or are you just gonna run away like an idiot?

Mars Underground

Mars Underground is an apocalyptic adventure where you relive the same day over and over. With each cycle new items can be picked up and topics unlocked.​ Explore the possibilities of this timeloop and uncover multiple endings.

Draw Rider 2

Draw Rider is back! Meet the long awaited continuation of the legendary hardcore racing…